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News Release

We're Snooping for Documents on:

July 1977

Please sent along whatever you might have available.

Are there issues you'd like to see highlighted? Let us know -- we'll hunt around!

The Canadian Information Sharing Service is developing a network of information exchange among Canadians working for social change in situations of inequity which reveal dehumanizing aspects of our society. People and working groups in various regions are encouraged to participate in this process by gathering and summarizing materials related to issues from their own areas. These materials are then collated in a regular publication by a volunteer collective. This method provides for regional input representing current concerns, trends and developments across Canada. French language documentation will generally be abstracted in French.

The following criteria govern content:

1) Alternate materials in any media form available for limited distribution but not widely circulated.
2) Materials should related to Canadian issues. These may be at any level -- local, provincial, national, international.
3) Materials should related to transforming social processes or structures and contain elements of research, critical analysis, position statements, strategies or reflection on action.
4) In cases where groups are working within the above context, but do not produce documentation in any form, we will accept, for direct inclusion, descriptios or reflectionson their work.

CISS is not a documentation centre. Materials should be ordered directly from the producer.

Subscription Rates: CISS is published six times a year.

Individual copies $2.00
Individual yearly subscription: $10.00
Government/Universities/Libraries: $15.00
Bulk Orders: 10 subscriptions $70.00; 100 subsscriptions $500.00

Make cheques payble to:

51 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1X1



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