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November 9, 2004

Non-Violent Alternatives to Canadian Defence & Security

Is military defence the only, or even the best way to ensure Canada's security?

This question assumes great relevance when there are calls for increased military spending. The world seems poised to embark on a permanent warpath at the same time as we are witnessing the growth of the world's "other superpower" of public opinion opposed to war.

Invited by Conscience Canada, Canadian citizens from 15 communities across the country have come together to redefine defence and security. They provide strong, credible, concrete alternatives to military defence in their report 'Non-violent Alternatives to Canadian Defence and Security'.

Summary Report:

Full Report:

These consultations concluded that it is possible, indeed essential, for Canada to ensure its defence completely through non-violent means. Defending Canada's sovereignty, providing support to international peacekeeping and ensuring protection in domestic emergency situations could be done more effectively and efficiently outside of the military.

We are about to commemorate the anniversary of the great war, the war after which we declared 'never again'. But we continue to prepare for war and totally neglect to create the non-violent infrastructures that alone will ensure that we keep our promise to the military and civilian victims of all wars.

Lloyd Axworthy says: "Imagination is a vital asset in defining the role Canada might play in the world; as important in its own way as the size of the army, the strength of the economy, or the capacity of the diplomatic corps." (Globe&Mail: Nov.9/04). Unless we imagine the viability of non-violent alternatives, we will likely continue to allow precious resources to be squandered on ineffective and dangerous military initiatives.

Please, as you chronicle the war histories, help your audience to look forward to a time when war will be no more. Conscience Canada can provide you with names of people to interview to supplement the information provided in the report.

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