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Media Release: For Teens Only

Teachers recommend it,
Parents ask for it,
Teenagers need it.

One thing I have noticed in instructing thousands of teenagers over the years is they don't live up to their stated values and in most cases they don't know how to articulate what their core values are. I have found that in teaching Personal Safety Self Defense, values provide a good compass - a sense of common direction and they need direction. Values become the essence of a teenager's philosophy in achieving success. Teenagers do succeed because they can identify, embrace and act on their core values - the basics of how they want to be treated and how they want to treat others and see others treated.

For Teens Only
Common Sense - Personal Safety - Self Defense
By Kirk Atkinson

For Teens Only is designed for the new millennium teenager - preteens, high school or those away at college or university.

For Teens Only is very informative, easy to understand and well organized, plus it captures the essence of personal safety.

For Teens Only is exactly the information the parents want their teenager to hear; only it's in book form written for teenagers with over 70 illustrations and examples, plus it includes a 30 minute instructional DVD and covers most 'what-if scenarios.

For Teens Only like the title says is for teenagers on how to use common sense with personal safety ideas and if needed self defense strategies that work.

For Teens Only
a. Personal safety ideas
b. Developing self respect
c. Identifying core values
d. Self defense techniques that work
e. Dealing with bullies
f. Ways of reducing risk
g. Alcohol and drugs
h. Building self confidence
i. Developing self control

For Teens Only, author Kirk Atkinson has over 20 years of instructing personal safety self defense workshops and martial art classes to thousands of teenagers. Kirk has combined his expertise to write and produce this extremely rewarding, necessary and timely book/DVD.

For Teens Only - Common Sense Personal Safety Self Defense
by Kirk Atkinson
Paper/DVD * $19.95CND * 64pgs * 30 minute DVD
Published by ICE Interactive, December 2004

For Teens Only has sold over 5,500 copies since its release earlier this year and is only available online at www.forteensonly.ca

Contact Kirk direct at: (905) 855-1590
Email: kirk.atkinson@sympatico.ca
Web Page: www.forteensonly.ca

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