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News Release

Cigarette Smokers Now Eligible to Save Thousands of Dollars per Year

Winnipeg, MB -- January 4, 2007 -- Before you make your annual New Year's resolution to quit smoking, do yourself a favor and call Joe Seewald and Carl Berryman at Fresh Start Hypnotherapy group. Whether you have been smoking for two years or twenty years, Fresh Start Hypnotherapy Group can save you thousands of dollars per year by helping you kick the smoking habit once and for all with their Stop Smoking in One-Hour Program. The program offers a lifetime guarantee and produces an amazing 95% success rate in just one hour, according to an Oxford University Study.

No newcomer to helping smokers kick the smoking habit, the Stop Smoking in One-Hour Program used by Fresh Start Hypnotherapy Group has helped more than 10,000 people all over the globe effortlessly and most importantly permanently quit smoking. Through the use of hypnosis and the new science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Fresh Start Hypnotherapy Group helps smokers to successfully and permanently quit smoking by completely eliminating the *desire* to smoke. Their lifetime guarantee and 95% success rate after just one hour makes them unique.

According to Joe and Carl, "The two questions that we get asked most often are, 'Does it really work?' and 'How much is it going to cost?' To these, our answers are simple. We are so confident in your success in becoming a permanent non-smoker that we offer a lifetime guarantee. This means that if you ever start smoking again, whether in two days or two years, we get you back in at no extra charge. The reason we are able to offer our lifetime guarantee is because of our amazing success rate. 95% of smokers quit after just one hour, and the rest quit after a free half-hour back-up session.

"As for the question, 'How much is it going to cost?' all it costs is what you would normally spend on cigarettes in a month or two anyways. So all we're saying is why don't you take the money that you would have spent in the next month or two on smoking and spend it on becoming a non-smoker? That way, you'll be saving money every month. Believe it or not, in the course of a year you end up saving thousands of dollars!"

Joe and Carl are part of an international network of Smoking Cessation Specialists. They are certified by Smoke Free International as Smoking Cessation Specialist Hypnotherapists, certified by the International
Hypnosis Federation as Smoking Cessation Specialists and recognized by the International Hypnosis Federation as Certified Hypnotherapists.

Sustaining a 95% success rate with ease and comfort is of utmost importance to Fresh Start Hypnotherapy Group. That is why clients have described the Stop Smoking in One-Hour session itself as 'Extremely relaxing!' and 'The easiest thing I have ever done!' Both Joe and Carl want to be sure that all of their clients understand exactly how the Stop Smoking in One-Hour Program works and take the time to educate their clients both before and during the session. Your initial phone consultation is free.

For information contact:
Joe Seewald
Carl Berryman
207-314 Fort St.
Winnipeg, MB R3C 1E3
Phone: 1-888-210-4120
Email: freshstarthypnotherapy@gmail.com

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