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Media Release

Dogs and Cats Slaughtered for their Fur
Canada's Role Unveilled - Campaign starts today

For immediate release, October 25, 2005: The fur from skinned dogs and cats can be legally sold in Canada, and it can be sold without any identifying label. "This gruesome product, along with all fur, has a strange exemption from Canada's labelling laws. These dogs and cats are also exempt from Canada's cruelty laws because they are being killed overseas," says Aimee Johnson of Fur-Bearer Defenders.

About two million dogs and cats a year are being brutally slaughtered and killed for the international fur trade.

Eight major nations have banned dog and cat fur products, including the United States. Now, a 25-country ban is being considered across the European Union. Vocal advocates in Europe include Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills McCartney. "Canada is going to become a major target market for these furs if regulations aren't quickly put in place. Canada is inviting dog and cat fur in," says Johnson.

Fur-Bearer Defenders has compiled and carefully selected scenes from video footage taken by undercover investigators in Asia, of the fur trade's dogs and cats. This compilation will show Canadians, powerfully, (but without unnecessary gore) the atrocious origins of these cat and dog fur products. TV quality beta tapes are available. Canada and China, already major trading partners, are poised to double trade by 2010. "It is imperative that Canadians speak out now against this cruelty," says Johnson. Fur-Bearer Defenders is taking this issue, today for the first time, to the Canadian people. Our brand new website www.DogCatFur.com is an information resource and features an online version of the video.

"Fur-Bearer Defenders is urging people nationwide to help us BAN dog and cat fur in Canada, and end Canada's role in these killings," says Johnson.

Fur-Bearer Defenders is a Vancouver based, national non-profit society, with a long history of responsible advocacy to stop fur trade cruelty and protect fur-bearing animals. - 30 - Contact: Aimee Johnson, Fur-Bearer Defenders Day phone: 604-435-1850 After hours: 778-227-0045 Photos from the undercover investigation in Asia avaliable.

Fur-Bearer Defenders
3727 Renfrew Street Vancouver, B.C., V5M 3L7
Phone: 604-435-1850 Fax: 604-435-1840
Email: fbd@BanLegholdTraps.com
New Website: www.DogCatFur.com
Main Website: www.BanLegholdTraps.com

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