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News Release

Book exposes errors embedded in
language we use everyday

June 20, 2007

Mind is Not a Plaything, by Louise Goueffic, Sapien Books, ISBN 978-0-9690277-3-7, exposes a Secret withheld from our species for 4000 years. This caused errors to be stated as facts putting the mind on a false track where it concerns our species. This has global implications for general knowledge and education and for law and order.

In Mind is Not a Plaything Goueffic shows that you are unknowingly being duped by vital information being
withheld. Using sophisticated tricks imposed long ago that embedded falsehoods in common names causes confusion and stops the mind from being the most efficient organ it can be. To think for yourself the author invites you to see reality as-it-is. Seeing reality-as-it-is with correct information is quite different. Correct information lets you see the correct cause and effect relations in the reality that is our species.

In Mind is Not a Plaything the author shows vital information withheld in names that you do not know are
false. Analyzing the names we use for our species she backs the assumptions made in false naming by the following claims:
* That the assumed right to impose error in names, e.g., wo- tacked on to 'man', imposes the self-interest of
one-half of the species by names that go against logic, good reasoning and reality, confusing the mind
* That while 'humanity's' actions are said to be for the common good the falsehoods in faulty naming
cumulatively make a Big Lie that is a source of global confusion, "common evil" and violence
* That the sexal obsession in splitting moral autonomy by gender victimizes both sexes equally forcing
them to collude with faith-based fictions through the primacy of belief-as-solution over knowledge
* That you give up your right to correct information because you are overwhelmed by the 'sacred' Big Lie
not knowing that information withheld hides the trick of withholding information in false naming.

This is the book for you to read to know if you're being turned into a 'dittoing' robot when you would prefer
to think for yourself. This is the book to read if you do not want to use a mishmash of rationality and irrationality. This is the book to read to find out why so many accept irrationality as valid. Written for a general audience in ordinary language the 250-page book has information deliberately suppressed for hundreds of years. What you don't know can hurt both your mind and your intelligence.

Find out what you don't know. Buy Mind is Not a Plaything now.
$26.95CAD plus taxes and shipping.
To contact us and order go to www.sapienbooks.ca

Keywords: General audience - Self-identity - Linguistics and logic - Mind effciency
Focus: Knowing and having an efficient mind - Creating an identity as a good thinker - The moral responsibility of passing on correct information - Exposing knowledge withheld for centuries - Exposing the origin and development of creating belief in fanciful falsehoods about our species as Truth as opposed to establishing facts and scientific truths - Exposing false 'knowledge' embedded in everyday language

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