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News Release
October 7, 2004

Reverse Aging

Yes, we can reverse aging by isolating the factors that are aging us before our time. How do we accomplish this?

It is accomplished through determining your biological age and then taking the steps to make the necessary changes to stop aging and reverse the process.

What is biological age exactly? It means that your chronological age may be 35 but the body feels and has the health of a 65 year old healthy person. The 65 represents the biological age.

Research centers around the world are reporting that even though we are in the electronic computer age, individuals are suffering from more stress than ever before. What does stress do to your body? In one simple answer, it ages us before our time.

The Wall Street Journal will be featuring The Stress Age Questionnaire designed by

Alexandra Gellman - Career Professional, Registered Behavioral Coach, and Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine on Monday October 11, 2004.

The process involves answering 31 questions that will reveal how old the body really feels with the contributions of an unhealthy lifestyle, dietary choices, environmental toxins, mercury, hereditary factors and stress. Try to answer the questions as accurately and honestly as possible. Note that this is only a guideline to give the individual insight as to what areas of your life need changes.

The questionnaire is divided into six sections: Chronological Age, Dietary Choices, Daily Activities, Medical History, Medication, and Stress.

Take the test and evaluate for yourself.

The test is available on line at www.wellnessguru.com

Or is part of her third book "Passageways to your Soul".

Alexandra would love to hear from you and would love to be interviewed for
television, radio shows or for print media.

Take the test and start making the changes necessary to reverse the aging
process. Hopefully in a year your biological age would be younger than your
chronological age.

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