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Hire A New Grad, Inc.
Advertise company Job Postings with National Employment Brand Exposure on www.hireAnewGrad.com FREE until September 1, 2004

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 20, 2004 - Toronto, Ontario

News, Careers, Education, Business Editors/Reporters, Corporate Employers and Academic Professionals Potential Media Story Angles enclosed.

Hire A New Grad, Inc. sets out on peek season campaign launch with Famous Players Media increasing their exposure to over 2.5 million movie goers in the 20 to 32 age range who also happen to be the face of today's new grads. Just another method for connecting with employers and new grads seeking jobs to go along with being the Official Partner with the National Job Fair & Training Expo allowing extra access to 30,000 annual job seekers.

Unlike some other job sites, the hireAnewGrad.com application provides employers with year round connectivity to new grads seeking work through national employment branding at a fraction of the costs of other job search applications on today's market.

"As the inevitable employee shortage is on the horizon due to demographic changes, Hire A New Grad has become the company of choice for employers wanting to be connected with the most qualified and ambitious future employees," says Hire A New Grad, Inc. President and CEO Sandra Jagmohan.

Hire A New Grad, Inc. connects qualified candidates with Canadian employers offering competitive full-time employment with the new or recent graduate in mind while providing employers with not only new recruits but also job postings and national brand exposure through online corporate employment advertising strategies.

Employees made to order:
Hire A New Grad, Inc. puts employers back into the hiring 'driver's seat'. No more e-mail floods of unqualified, unwanted resumes. Create your ideal employee profile and Hire A New Grad will pre-screen all applicants guaranteeing ONLY qualified new or recent grad candidates will be forwarded to you via hireAnewGrad.com career application. "The comprehensive look of the site and its attention to detail can attract both grads and employers looking for the right match," shares Al Vescio, Recruiting Supervisor Enterprise Rent A Car.

National Employment Brand Programs with Job Postings:
Employers can now stay connected with over 300,000 new graduates annually through National Employment Brand Programs. Tap into Premium Employment Brand benefits with online advertising of your employment offers and brand logo with every job posting. With premium employment branding, your company appears on the 'first job results page' the graduate gains access to after matching their qualifications with your expectations in unlimited Degree or Diploma programs, giving you maximum exposure. Gain more national company exposure courtesy of your own Mini-Web Site on hireAnewGrad.com and forwarding features to your company homepage plus more. 'Now Hiring Bulletin' is fired to all qualified graduates courtesy of Hire A New Grad to apply to your jobs and with links to your online job postings whenever your company runs a hiring campaign.

Hire A New Grad, Inc. (HANG) ™ is a Toronto-based talent and recruitment solutions provider. HANG partners with national leading employers to e-recruit talent and promote their company brand and employment offer to candidates across Canada.
Media Resources:

General topics for Hire A New Grad, Inc. expert input:
Unemployment, Workplace Behaviour, Group Dynamics, 'New' Hidden Job Market, Resume Scanning, Job Interview Preparation, Multi-tasking, Diversity in the Workplace, New Boss Tips, Presentation skills, workplace Motivators for Employees and Management and more…

Hire A New Grad, Inc. (HANG) Media Story Angles:
Visit or HANG Media Centre online for more…

  1. New Grads offer unique benefits to employers. Find out from HANG what these are and how employers can tap into their new grad 'hidden talent' today.
  2. HANG experts speak on the aging workforce and its impact on new grads and employers.
  3. Profile Segment: The Makings of Hire A New Grad, Inc. and our career application www.hireAnewGrad.com: The story of a small company determined to get new grads meaningful jobs in progressive companies
  4. Profile Segment: Two unemployed, frustrated University of Toronto graduates find their break at Hire A New Grad, Inc. Now they are part of a first-of-its kind premier hiring site. Find out where they are now.
  5. The Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name: Find out how to create brand recognition of your company to students BEFORE they graduate and enjoy FREE job postings until Sept 1, 2004 on www.hireAnewGrad.com.

*Visit Hire A New Grad's online Media Centre for more story ideas.

Media contact:

Sandra Jagmohan, President and CEO sandra@hireAnewGrad.com
Jill Andrew, Director of Communications, Resident Educator jill@hireAnewGrad.com

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Markham Road, Toronto, Ontario M1H 3C3
Phone: 416 431-4999 or
1 877- 431- HANG (4264)
Fax: 416- 438-1849

Or visit www.hireAnewGrad.com

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