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News Release

First, Do No Harm:
A Doctor's Experience of Life
Under Israeli Occupation

May 12, 2008

While there is much news commemorating Israel's 60th year, the misery of the displaced Palestinians is a reality that must not be ignored.

Dr. Asad Khan, a British physician associated with Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, will present an eyewitness account of life under Israeli occupation on May 20. Dr. Khan has written about his experiences in the British Medical Journal in an article entitled "Go And See the Truth for Yourself, I Did". (October, 2007).

Poverty and violence are rife in occupied Palestine. Palestinian homes are regularly demolished by the Israeli army. In Gaza, a public health disaster is unfolding: 95% of the factories are closed, and 85% of the people depend on food aid. Water and sanitation are in a shocking state of decline. 70% of nine-month-old children are anemic, and 13-15% of Gaza's children are stunted in growth. Israeli and Palestinian health professionals describe children forced to witness the daily humiliation of their parents by Israeli soldiers, creating a profound interference in the children's emotional development. It is these real life experiences of war and occupation that Dr. Khan will talk about.

"First, do no harm: a doctor's experience of life under Israeli occupation"
Tuesday May 20th, 7:30, 2008
OISE 252 Bloor St West Room 8200, Toronto
Sponsored by Science for Peace

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