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News Release

National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada
Conseil national de la presse et des medias ethniques du Canada

Canada's Other Voices

Office of the President

September 8, 2006

Toronto. On the occasion of the celebrations of the Ethno Press and Media Week 2006, The National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada will honour fourteen individuals from every walk of life and cultural background from all over Canada and also fourteen publishers / editors of ethnic publications of Canada.

The Honourable James K. Bartleman, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, hosts the ceremony for the presentation of the Awards and it is scheduled for Friday September 22, 2006 at 6:00 pm at the Lieutenant Governor's Suite, Main Legislative Building, Queen's Park, Toronto Ontario. Attendance for the event is only by invitation.

Thomas S. Saras
For more information please call:
Thomas S. Saras at 416- 921 4229 or 416- 854 4229
Email: saras@nepmcc.ca

List of Award winners for 2006
By Alphabetical order

Category Individuals

1. Mr. Appadurai, Samy: Community service Award
2. Dr. Assefa, Worku, Ph D. Science and Technology Award
3. Hon. Bakopanos, Eleni Humanities / Public Service Award
4. Dr. Baraheni, Reza Human Rights Award
5. Dr. Dassanayake, Ari Community / Public Service Award
6. Prof. Halamandaris, Pandelis Community / Arts Award
7. Ms. Mardukhi, Afkham (Afie) Diversity Award
8. Ms. Missios, Pauline Humanities/ Community Service Aw.
9. Mr. Pailian Shant Leader of Tomorrow Award
10. Dr. Pejovic, Stan, Ph. D Science and Technology Aw.
11. Mr. Prassas, Peter Humanities / Community
12. Dr. Saldhana, Colin MD Life time achievement Award
13. Mr. Siddiqui, Najibullah Community Service Award
14. Mr. Zaheer, Javed Free expression Award

Category Publications

1. Mr. Agamia, Saad Publisher "Al Hayat Al Arabiya"
2. Mr. Auguste, Arnold Publisher "Share" (Caribbean)
3. Mr. Berhane, Aaron Publisher "Meftih" (Eritrean)
4. Mr. Chelliah, Senthi Publisher "Athvan Publications"Sri.
5. Ms. Cherny, Luba Publisher " Canadian Courier"(Rus)
6. Mr. Daily-Mashal, William Photojournalist "Free Lance" (Trin)
7. Mr. Kostis, Alexis Publisher "Metohos" Magazine(Greek)
8. Mr. Marjara, Jaswinder Publisher "CanIndia News" (S. Asian)
9. Ms. Meyer, Rosemarie Publisher "Deutsche Press"
10. Mr. Perera, Nimal Producer "Sri Lankan TV"
11. Mr. Perinu, Antonio Publisher "Sol Portugues"
12. Mr. Popescu, Dumitru Publisher "ObservatOrul" Romanian
13. Ms. Shaw, Elizabeth Publisher "Canada Chinese News"
14. Mr. Worldeamanuel, Teshome Publisher "Tzta" Ethiopian

For more information please call:
Thomas S. Saras at 416- 921-4229 or 416-854-4229.
email saras@nepmcc.ca

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