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Seasons UV High Tech Swimwear for Kids Changes Color When the Sun Shines, Warning Parents to Apply Sunscreen

June 23, 2011

June, 2011

TORONTO – Seasons UV, the makers of 50++ UPF swimwear, is offering a new line of kids Solar Guard swimwear, called LOL, designed to alert parents with a color change when UV rays are getting dangerous. The ‘LOL’ pattern has a white smiley face in the ‘O’ along with other happy faces on the swimwear that all change from white to blue when it’s time to apply sunscreen.

“The smiley face images are sensitive to UVA and UVB rays. Even on a deceptively cloudy day the images will react with a color change when dangerous rays are hitting a child,” says Joanne Speight, Seasons UV CEO. “The color change alerts parents with this visual reminder that sunscreen is needed.”

This warning to apply high SPF sunscreen combined with the 50++UPF protection the swimwear provides help to keep kids safe from the dangers of playing in the sun without sufficient protection.

“Most of us would not send our kids out with 5-SPF sunscreen but unfortunately that is the amount of protection a cotton T-Shirt provides,” says Speight. “Most children rack up between 50% to 80% of their lifetime sun exposure before the age of 18 and a bad burn before the age of 10 can give them up to a 50% chance of getting skin cancer as an adult.”

Seasons UV 50++UPF UVA/UVB Blocking fabric dries quickly for all day comfort for all ages from newborns to Moms. Young kids enjoy wearing the swimwear because it’s like magic seeing the colors change.

About Season UV

Seasons UV has been designing, manufacturing and distributing UV apparel for over 11 years utilizing its exclusive protective technology and combining it with fun fashion forward styles. Whether it’s for a day-care, the cottage, pool, beach or winter getaways to the south, it is sun protection that doesn’t wear off.

For more information please visit,, 1-866-726-1827

For more information contact:
Scott Ledingham
Senior Partner
PRMediaNow Media Relations
Phone: 613.806.7135

Joanne Speight
Seasons UV
Phone: 1-866-726-1827

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