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Sun, Helmet and Eye Safety Tips to Help Parents Keep Their Kids Safe This Summer

July 11, 2011

Seasons UV 50 ++ UPF Solar Guard Clothing, Real Kids Shades and Tail Wags Helmet Covers offer ideas and products to help make summer play safe.
July , 2011
TORONTO – Seasons UV, the makers of 50++ UPF swimwear, Real Kids Shades and Tail Wags Helmet Covers are together promoting safety this summer by offering useful tips to parents. One of the biggest concerns is sun exposure when children are out playing. Seasons UV and Real Kids Shades are encouraging parents to provide sun protection, beyond sun screen, by highlighting the importance of proper clothing and sun glasses.
“A cotton T-Shirt has only about 5 UPF, many people don’t realize that,” said says Joanne Speight, Seasons UV CEO. “Our apparel has 50++UPF to help protect children from the sun, especially those under the age of 10. Getting a bad burn under the age of 10 increases the chance of getting skin cancer as an adult by 50%.”

The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that eyes, like skin, never recover from UV exposure. Exposure to bright sunlight increases the risk of developing cataracts, macular degeneration and growths on the eye, including malignancies. Real Kids Shades provide 100% UV eye protection. They are comfortable, good-looking, durable and they offer wrap-around frames that minimize exposure to peripheral light.

“While parents are busy applying sunscreen and covering up their children with proper clothing, many forget about their kids’ eyes,” says David Scheinberg, CEO, Real Kids Shades. “ 82% of parents encourage children to wear sunscreen, but only 32% do the same for sunglasses. It’s time to take seriously the health risk sunlight poses to our kids’ eyes.”

Being outdoors this summer also means riding tricycles, bikes and skateboards and parents are encouraged to ensure their children are protected from unnecessary injury.

“All of these sports are lots of fun but it can be risky without a safety helmet, particularly for children under three years of age,” said Karyn Climans, CEO of Tail Wags Helmet Covers. “It’s important to protect children even from minor falls that can lead to head injuries if they are not wearing a proper safety helmet.”

In the US and Canada, children up to the age of 16 years old are required by law to wear safety helmets while riding tricycles and bicycles, but this can be challenging for parents to enforce. Tail Wags Helmet Covers are designed so kids will want to wear their helmets because they are fun and they look great. There are over 40 designs to choose from including the Fairy Princess, Puffer Fish, Piranha, Web Master and Kitty. An additional bonus is that your child’s visibility on the sidewalks and roads is increased.

About Season UV
Seasons UV has been designing, manufacturing and distributing UV apparel for over 11 years utilizing its exclusive protective technology and combining it with fun fashion forward styles. Whether it’s for a day-care, the cottage, pool, beach or winter getaways to the south, it is sun protection that doesn’t wear off.

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About Real Kids Shades
Real Kids Shades was founded in 2002 when we couldn’t find decent sunglasses for our own kids. It’s a pretty simple idea: make kids’ shades that provide 100% UV protection, and that are comfortable, good-looking, durable, and affordable so they’ll be used.

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About Tail Wags Helmet Covers
Tail Wags Helmet Covers was established in January 2006, a company devoted to encouraging children and adults to wear their safety helmets. The company’s foremost goal is to help prevent unnecessary injuries and to raise safety awareness. There are 40 animal characters to choose from and Tail Wags are sold online and in stores throughout North America and overseas.

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