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Five Tips from BC Learning Leader - View training as an investment, not a cost

September 21, 2011

Vancouver, BC, Sept. 19, 2011.

The Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) is recognizing the CEO of Commissionaires BC, Allen Batchelar with a Learning Leader award this week, along with 15 others.

“Learning Leaders like Allen Batchelar invest in their employees and their communities, which in turn supports an economy on the mend,” said Lynn Johnston, President of CSTD. “These Learning Leaders understand how learning can drive business results, and they actively support the skill development of their employees. It’s about meeting the expectations of the job market in a knowledge economy.”

Commissionaires BC has more than 1,400 employees and is dedicated to training, so much so that they have opened Learning and Development centres in Surrey and Kelowna where they teach their own employees, as well as others. Commissionaires delivers interactive training focused on the individual. It is a collaborative learning environment—one that builds on the experience of each participant, ensuring that each student will succeed.

The Training Centres have become so successful, that beyond their own employees, Commissionaires BC also offers training to individuals and commercial clients in areas such as Basic Security, Service Advantage, First Aid, and Bylaw Enforcement.

“We view employee training as an investment, not a cost,” says Batchelar. “The key is to align the learning with your employee’s career path. When an employee feels valued, and sees you investing in them, they are in turn more likely to invest in your organization by committing more fully to their work, and staying with the company over the long term.”


• Get support from the top. Support of senior management for learning initiatives in the workplace dramatically increases the success and impact of those initiatives.
• It’s vital that training be connected to what employees are already doing, and that it can be easily incorporated into their ongoing duties.
• Demonstrate the clear benefit of the training for both the employee and the organization.
• Challenge participants in practical ways, and help them to translate what they have learned to their work environment.
• Define expectations for the employee and the trainer.

The Learning Leader award will be presented to Batchelar on September 22, at the Vancouver Chapter of the CSTD as part of the Learn @ Work Week celebrations.

About CSTD –
Established in 1946, CSTD is Canada's only national, professional association focused on training, learning and performance in the workplace. The goal of CSTD is to drive excellence in workplace learning and development, impacting business success. With 19 chapters supported by members from coast-to-coast, representing the public and private sectors, CSTD exists to:
• Establish and maintain professional standards of competence in workplace learning and development
• Provide opportunities for the advancement of members and the workplace learning and performance profession through innovative programs and events
• Dialogue with government, institutions and industry to advocate for enhanced understanding of the workplace learning community

About Commissionaires BC -
Commissionaires BC has a team of more than 1,400 professionals covering more territory in BC than any other security company. Commissionaires is an independent, self-supporting, not-for-profit organization. By operating in this manner, the company is able to fulfill its mandate of providing meaningful work to former members of the Canadian Forces and RCMP. The organization also hires individuals without military or police experience. Services include: security guarding, enforcement, identification services, training and security consulting. Commissionaires in BC protect air and sea-ports, border crossings and government facilities. They work in educational facilities, commercial enterprises and residential complexes.
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For more information contact:
Patricia Robitaille
PR Strategies
T 604 873 0080

For more information contact:
Patricia Robitaille
PR Strategies
Phone: 604 873 0080

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