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Independent Review of Exposure of Workers to Alpha Radiation at Bruce Power Reactor Released

October 26, 2011

Bruce Power, which operates one of the largest nuclear power plants in North America, has been engaged for a number of years in the refurbishment and restart of two dormant nuclear reactors at the Bruce A Nuclear Generating Station.The project is called Bruce A Restart and includes the refurbishment of CANDU® Reactor Units 1 and 2.

During the period November 24 to December 21, 2009, a number of building trades workers were engaged in the cutting and grinding of feeder pipes in one part of the Unit 1 reactor building (called "reactor vault").While the workers were cutting and grinding these pipes, they were not aware that radioactive particulate from their work was being released into the general atmosphere of the large reactor building.

The airborne contaminated particulate thus released travelled through the vault and exposed unknowingly to alpha radiation any worker in the vault who inhaled it. A total of 557 workers were thus more or less exposed internally between November 24 and December 21, 2009.

An independent review was undertaken by the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada at the request of, and with the support of the following organizations:
• The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario
• Bruce Power Ltd
• Comstock Canada Ltd
• Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

The full report can be viewed at independent review was undertaken by the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada at

For more information contact:
George Polak
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Radiation Safety Institute of Canada
Phone: 416 6509 090

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