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Shit Students CAN'T Say (About Israel)

January 21, 2012

After the phenomenal viral success of Shit Girls Say and Shit Black Men Say, followed by videos for every other identifiable group from gay guys to yogis, is there anything left to be said?

Well, yes, actually. The Real crazy shit is what you can?t say about Israel. On campuses around the world, criticism of Israel is being banned, outlawed, repressed, edited out, censored, and bleeped.

See for yourself: Shit People CAN'T Say (About Israel):

Inspired by Shit Homophobic People Say -- that proved no spoofing is necessary -- . Shit Students CAN'T Say is real video clips mashed up by the Seriously Free Speech Committee.

The SFSC is a Vancouver-based group working to ensure a free and open discussion about Palestine and Israel. Its members are particularly concerned that people are using false charges of anti-semitism as a strategy to intimidate and silence critics who oppose Israel's policies and actions.

For more information, contact:
Gordon Murray (
See the SFSC's website:

For more information contact:
Gordon Murray
Seriously Free Speech Committee
Phone: 604 872 8926

Anne Roberts
Seriously Free Speech Committee
Phone: 604 872 8926

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