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WiFi in Schools Controversy

February 17, 2012

The question of Wi-Fi in schools and the presumed health effects of exposure to Wi-Fi on children and teachers caused a flurry of media stories in Canada this week, principally in Ontario.

The stir was caused by a brief press release from a group called "The Safe Schools Committee," located mainly in Eastern Ontario. The release concerned an internal report on the potential effects of Wi-Fi exposure in schools from the Health and Safety Committee of OECTA, the 45,000 member Ontario Catholic Teachers Association. It is possible that the press release may have been issued by the group without the consent of OECTA.

On behalf of the independent Radiation Safety Institute of Canada, radiation scientist Claire Cohalan responded to a live interview request on the subject from CTV National News. The February 14, 2012 interview can be seen at:

The considered position of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada on the health effects of exposure to Wi-Fi is reflected in the interview.

Further information about the scientific consensus on any such health effects can be found on our website at

For more information contact:
George Polak
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Radiation Safety Institute of Canada
Phone: 416 650 9090

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