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New group urges progressives to build 'One Big Campaign' to take on Harper

April 16, 2012

Toronto -- A campaign urging Canadian social activist groups to work together under one massive umbrella to take on the Harper regime and his right-wing supporters was officially launched today.

The Campaign to build 'One Big Campaign' (CBOBC) is now operating on Facebook. A website will soon be created, and other activities are planned.

The goal of the campaign is to encourage Canada's more than 15,000 activist and public interest groups, dozens of progressive unions, and grassroots organizations such as the Occupy Movement, to build a giant, cooperative campaign network.

"Groups campaigning against Harper on their own, or working in small networks, lack enough punch and public support to win many victories," said social activist/journalist Nick Fillmore, one of the coordinators of the campaign.

"At the moment, we are seeing this in the environmental arena. When even David Suzuki is discouraged, something is seriously wrong," said Fillmore.

As a first step, individual Canadians are being asked to come forward and provide ideas about how these groups and unions can be encouraged to get together and discuss the idea of forming what, for now, is being called the 'One Big Campaign.'

'One Big Campaign' would not be a new organization, but a co-operative venture bringing together the knowledge and campaigning resources of hundreds of organizations to work on a small number of vital campaigns each year, such as income disparity and old age security.

Some of CBOBC's volunteers were also active with the Catch 22 Harper Conservatives during the 2011 election campaign. CBOBC is independent and not affiliated with any political party.

"The creation of 'One Big Campaign' would lift the spirits of millions of Canadians who have all but lost hope in the disastrous Harper era," said labour activist Gary Shaul, a member of CBOBC. "Instead of complaining about what Harper is doing, people and all kinds of organizations would have something positive to work for."

If a majority of the country's progressive and labour groups came together, the number of people under one big umbrella could number in the millions.

Background materials:
How 'One Big Campaign' can be created
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For more information contact:
Nick Fillmore
The Campaign to build 'One Big Campaign'

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