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Occupy Gardens hosts Potluck and Seed Planting at Queen’s Park

May 1, 2012

Toronto, 2 PM – Occupy Gardens is hosting a Garden Party Potluck at Queen’s Park. Gardeners are gathered on the South lawn with seeds, plants, soil, music, and food to highlight the need for food justice in Toronto. Occupy Gardens activists are using gardening as a creative expression of direct action.

“We envision a city where all people have access to food without depending on a corrupt, unjust system that concentrates power and wealth. The current food system exploits workers, farmers and consumers, while poisoning the soil, water and air upon which we rely for our very existence,” said organizer Jacob Kearey Moreland.

Access to food is an important issue in Toronto. In 2011, the Daily Bread reported that 19% of children go hungry at least once per week and 43% of adults often could not afford to eat balanced meals.Food insecurity is highest among people of aboriginal decent, visible minorities, recent immigrants, particularly non-status migrants, and single-parent families who also suffer disproportionately from nutritional inadequacies and diet-related diseases.

“This is both a *peasful* celebration of life and a call to action for Toronto residents to join us in planting gardens across the city. Over the past 20 years, we have seen an increase in the number of people using food banks, despite promises from all levels of government to alleviate poverty and hunger. We are tired of waiting and have decided it is time to reclaim public space for the public good. So this May Day, we are putting control over food back in the hands of the people", Moreland continued.


For more information contact:
Ben Hirsch
Media Contact
Phone: 647-853-8478

Jacob Kearey Moreland
Media Contact
Phone: 647-379-2324

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