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Saturday: Canadians stand against the Omnibus Budget Bill at 54 MP Offices

June 1, 2012

Saturday: Canadians stand against the Omnibus Budget Bill at 54 MP Offices

Note to Editors: Advance Interviews Available; Note to Photo Eeditors: Phope Op Available on Day

Toronto - This Saturday, at 54 confirmed locations across the country, Canadians will gather at Conservative MPs offices, and support locations, to voice their concerns about the Federal Budget Bill currently before Parliament.

The Federal Budget Bill, Bill C-38, makes changes to over 70 laws, and has drawn criticism across the political spectrum, including from former Conservative cabinet ministers and members of Prime Minister Harper’s own caucus.

Former Conservative Fisheries Minister, Tom Siddon, when asked to comment on the cross-Canada events, called the national day of action “worthy” and “worthwhile”.

“I think it’s important that all possible means should be brought to bear on Bill C-38 to have these important environmental clauses removed from the bill”, said Siddon.

“This is not about party politics,” said Siddon. “This is about political leadership, it's about distinguishing between a government approach which is only concerned about the pocketbook issues, and the more serious and profound value we place on Canada - the heart and the soul of the nation. This is what that is all about: what are we going to leave as a legacy for our children and grandchildren? Values issues - a government which is hell-bent for exporting our resources and exporting the jobs that go with them, as compared to the long-term leadership that Canada needs to use our resources wisely and protect our environment in the process.”

Participants believe that if the Bill passes unchanged, it will put a black mark on Canadian democracy. At each event they will hold a sign calling for Conservative MPs to ‘Stand Against the Blackmark Budget Bill.’ “We are looking for 13 ‘hero’ Conservative MPs who will work together to stop the budget, split it apart, and start over by inviting Canadians to help them craft laws that will work better for all of us,” said Jamie Biggar, Executive Director of

What: Local event to protest the federal government’s proposed Omnibus Budget Bill, Bill C-38 as part of a national Day of Action at Conservative MP offices, and support locations, across the country. Who: Canadians from all walks of life Where: At Conservative MP offices, and some support locations at opposition MP offices, across the country When: Saturday June 2nd, almost all events at noon

All local events are being organized by volunteers who have signed up online to participate. is an intergenerational community that works for progress through democracy. For more information about, please visit

For additional information or interviews, please contact: Jamie Biggar Executive Director, Phone: 778-847-8205 Email:

List of Events at Conservative MP and Support Location (Opposition MP) Offices, Listed in Reverse Alphabetical Order

For more information contact:
Jamie Biggar
Executive Director
Phone: 778-847-8205

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