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IAM Welcomes NIU Members to the Family!

June 8, 2012

North Bay, ON - The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers are proud to welcome members of the Northern Independent Union, as the newest members of the IAM.

"This merger agreement was a lengthy process that began last April," explained Grand Lodge Representative Colin Cherry. "Essentially it gave their members a year to test drive the IAM and see if they liked the fit. They liked our democracy, they liked the resources we can bring to the table in regards to negotiations and arbitration and they liked the fact that we were not going to overhaul how they operate. Autonomy is very important to them."

P.G.I. Fabrene Incorporated located just outside North Bay employs the 200 new members who include millwrights and electricians. The company manufactures polyethylene and polypropylene tarpaulins, bags and covers for the farming, transportation and construction industry.

"We really sold ourselves simply by providing representation to these people just like we do for all of our members," explained Cherry. "We won a big grievance concerning a long term disability case and we also won a reinstatement for one of the workers here.

The NIU membership accepted merger with the IAM by a 77 per cent margin.

The new members will now elect an executive board and shop stewards. They will be assigned their own Local Lodge number as part of IAM District Lodge 78.

For more information contact:
Collin Cherry
Grand Lodge Representative
Phone: 416-225-9003
Cell: 416-579-0553

Bill Trbovich
Communications Director
Phone: 416-386-1789 ext #6331
Cell: 416-735-9765

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