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Canada fanning flames of war by cutting diplomacy with Iran -- IJV

September 14, 2012

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) is dismayed by Canada's move to sever diplomatic relations with Iran. "This perilous move by the Conservative government supports the most extreme elements in the Israeli government and their Canadian allies who are pushing for another Middle East war," stated IJV spokesperson Sid Shniad. Notably, Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu and prominent parts of Canada's Israeli lobby congratulated the Harper government for making this move.

IJV strongly believes the solution to resolving the conflict with Iran is to tirelessly pursue diplomacy and negotiations with the Iranian government, as difficult and distasteful as that course may be. Shniad added, "With this approach Prime Minister Harper will only fan the flames of war -- a war Canadians overwhelmingly oppose."

The Harper government's cutting diplomatic relations with Iran adds to the growing suspicion that Canada has essentially handed over its Middle East policy decisions to Israel.

"The right-wing Israel lobby has proven to be expert in propaganda against Iran, but unwilling to pursue diplomacy to prevent a potentially disastrous conflict," says Shniad. "IJV demands that they stop claiming to speak for the Canadian Jewish community, which does not favour war.

"We challenge the official opposition NDP as well as the Liberal Party to resolutely oppose this alignment of Canada's Middle East policy with that of a foreign power that is gunning for war," he concluded.

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