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Fasters Head to Court

October 1, 2012

3 Fasters Head to Court, Fast Enters 11th Day

Ottawa - Today three participants in the Fast for Climate Justice being held by members of Hungry for Climate Leadership on Parliament Hill will be in court on charges related to the September 26th 2011 sit-in against pipelines. Lyn Adamson, Ken Billings, and Rita Bijons . The trial is scheduled to begin at 9am on Monday, October 1 at the Provincial Offenses Act Court, 100 Constellation Crescent, Courtroom 104.

The Climate Fast is entering its 11th day on Parliament Hill and will end on October 2nd with a candlelight vigil at 7:30 on Parliament Hill. October 2nd is Gandhi?s birthday.

Gandhi said:

"Whenever there is distress which one cannot remove, one must fast and pray."
- Mohatma (Mohandas) Gandhi, Sept. 25, 1924.

"We know that Gandhi did not fast as a way of giving up, but to open the way for people to respond with compassion and in a way of moral integrity. That is what we are calling for here. The climate crisis must be responded to with compassion for people who will be alive in the future, and those around the world who are already suffering." said retired schoolteacher, Rita Bijons.

"We need to call on our politicians to show leadership. It takes leadership to change a system which is heading us entirely in the wrong direction. Business as usual will not solve this crisis. We need to be transitioning to a new economy based on renewable energy and on conservation," said Ken Billings.

In last week's parliamentary session Megan Leslie called on the Speaker for an emergency debate on the melting Arctic. This was rejected by the Speaker.

The fasters are calling for MPs to pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies, put a price on carbon, and develop a renewable energy plan for Canada.

So far 13 MPs have signed the pledge, including Elizabeth May, Green Party leader and Megan Leslie. For the full list, please go to:, 'MPs sign pledge board'.

In solidarity with the fast, participants are urging the citizens of Canada to contact their government representatives and demand urgent action.

"The future is very uncertain right now. We are creating conditions for mass starvation and suffering. The Arctic sea ice is melting now at a much faster rate than anyone had predicted. We have had decades of warning and yet governments have not taken meaningful action," said Lyn Adamson, Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. "Gandhi spoke to the values of simplicity and not consuming more than your share of earth's resources. We need this understanding now so that there will be a living earth for our children to appreciate."

For more information as well as a detailed schedule of events please visit our website at:

For more information contact:
Lyn Adamson
Hungry For Climate Leadership
Phone: 416-518-6192
Cell: 416-731-6605

Dewan Afzal
Phone: 905- 302-9837

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