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Whistle blower site RCILeaks.Org wins Icelandic free-speech court battle against Canadian immigrant investor firm

October 4, 2012

Reykjavik - Irreverent Canadian corporate whistleblower site RCILeaks.Org, and its Icelandic internet service provider, have won a landmark free speech court battle in the Reykjavik District Court (Heradsdomur Reykjavikur) while defending themselves against Vancouver and Montreal-based RCI Capital Group Inc. (RCI), including affiliate immigrant investment dealer Renaissance Capital Inc., and RCI owner John Park's failed bid to take down and silence provocative whistleblower site RCILeaks.Org. The site contains numerous revelations alleging misrepresentation and immigration fraud. Also online are affidavits and titillating video evidence about a failed plot by RCI to get a Canadian financial institution competitor banned from China by falsely claiming the Quebec-based Canadian financial institution supported Tibetan and Taiwanese separatists.

In March 2012, without any evidence whatsoever that the corporate whistleblower site even contained any false or defamatory material, RCI's Icelandic and Canadian lawyers had initially been successful in obtaining a temporary injunction against Orange Website hosting RCILeaks.Org on its Icelandic servers. CEO Henri K. Johannes noted, "This was the first time in our firm's history such an injunction had ever been served and the precedence alarmed Iceland's internet community. It was clearly a threat to our country's proud reputation as a global haven for digital free speech and corporate whistleblowers so we chose to fight." and RCILeaks.Org prepared a vigorous defense for pending arbitration before a Reykjavik court magistrate. On September 13th, just days before a court hearing, the defense team received notice from the court that RCI's lawyers had withdrawn from the lawsuit. The injunction was cancelled. Upon hearing news of the win, RCILeaks blogger Sean Riley declared, "There are tangible benefits in exposing scoundrels and unethical business practices to the light of day. It's not just the comfort of knowing you're doing the right thing or helping others avoid rotten apples. It also serves the public good by showing that honesty and integrity are commodities highly valued in the business world, that strong ethics are good for business. As for the rats out there, just shine a light and watch them scurry. Whistle a tune and watch them dance the shimmy."

RCILeaks.Org is hosted by freedom of speech defender on eco-friendly servers in Reykjavik, as well as being co-located whenever needed on mirror servers in Sweden (with a provider that once hosted Wikileaks). Iceland is known as a global haven for whistleblowers and digital free speech. The Icelandic Parliament unanimously passed a proposal entitled the "Icelandic Modern Media Initiative" tasking the government with finding ways to strengthen freedoms of expression and information freedom in Iceland, as well as providing strong protections for sources and whistleblowers. Legislation is pending.

For more information contact:
Henri K. Johannes
Phone: +3548466244

Sean Riley
Phone: +1.912.226.2688

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