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No to nuclear energy

May 29, 2013

For over 50 years Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) has asked for the guaranteeing of the rights of future generations to a world free of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.
VOW is concerned about nuclear energy being presented as a safe and clean alternative, and as a solution to climate change when it is neither safe nor clean. Nuclear energy undermines climate protection by wasting time and taking resources away from more effective, clean and safe solutions. Nuclear energy results in the dumping of this expensive and unsafe technology throughout the world. Nuclear energy decreases global security as volumes of nuclear waste with no safe method of disposal increase massively and materials and technologies are spread;
The Pickering A Nuclear Station is the highest cost nuclear plant in North America while the Pickering B Station is the 5th highest cost.

The good news is that the operating licences for the aging Pickering reactors expire in 2014 and 2015. Phasing out these high-cost reactors would reduce our electricity bills by $850 million per year or 5%.

But despite these potential savings, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is seeking permission from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Premier Wynne to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to extend the operating lives of these aging high-cost reactors for another four to six years. This doesn’t make sense since Ontario’s demand for electricity is falling and we have much lower cost options to keep our lights on (e.g., energy efficiency investments and hydro-electric imports from Quebec).

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission hearing on OPG’s proposal will take place on May 29 - 31 in Pickering. The CNSC, however, will not consider whether extending the life of these old reactors makes economic sense. That’s why Canadian Voice of Women for Peace strongly urges Premier Wynn to step in and save Ontarians close to a billion dollars a year by ordering the phase-out of the Pickering reactors ASAP.

Lyn Adamson, the co-chair of Canadian voice of Women for Peace will make a presentation at the hearings tomorrow – Thursday, May 30 in the afternoon. Ms. Adamson says, ” It is time we put our children first. It is time we plan for a sustainable future and it is time we switch to green renewable energy. “

For more information contact:
Lyn Adamson
Co chair
Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Phone: 416-603-7915
Cell: 416 731 6605

Sandra Ruch
Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Phone: 416-603-7915
Cell: 416 716 4010

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