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Science of Mediumship Event

September 7, 2013

Join Metaphysics Research for this exciting event where science and the afterlife meet.

Expert speaker, author and afterlife researcher will share contemporary scientific evidence of afterlife phenomena including: mediumship (mental and physical), near death experiences, past life regression therapy, electric voice phenomena, and more. For those who are wondering about whether your loved ones are still with you in spirit or have questions about the truth of your existence, this event will clarify many questions and provide you with a greater understanding about the purpose of your existence.

During this special event, renowned psychic mediums Chris Stillar, Carolyn Molnar and Brough Perkins will connect with the spirit world for the audience, share their experiences as a medium and respond to questions.

Book signing and launch of the recently published book: Medium7: Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions will take place after the event. In this book, the author, Smith-Moncrieffe shares case studies and findings from her rigorous two-year research with Canadian mediums and their 88 clients. This is the first Canadian study to use recognized research methods to systematically respond to questions about the afterlife and the authenticity of predictions via psychic mediums. Over 80% of the American population have had spiritual experiences including near death experiences, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming and have experienced knowledge from the other side via past life regression therapy. Over 60% of the Canadian population visit mediums and psychics to connect with their loved ones, obtain advice about career, relationships, health matters and other social issues. Isn’t it time we had meaningful discussion about the possibilities and limitations of connecting with the spiritual realm during our personal journeys?

We would like to do participate in radio, print media and TV programming that will facilitate the sharing of scientific facts to help the public be more aware about the true nature of reality and the purpose of their existence.

Contact information is provided below for media passes to the Science of Mediumship Event, Saturday November 9, 2013 at the Novotel Hotel North York (2-6 pm)

For more information contact:
Donna Smith-Moncrieffe
Metaphysics Research
Phone: 416-919-8448
Cell: 416-919-8448

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