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109 MPs sign CLIMATE PLEDGE, ClimateFasters close with Vigil on Day of Nonviolence

October 2, 2013

As Fasters begin to prepare for their final day of Fast and Vigil on Oct. 2nd on Parliament Hill, they reflect on the past 11 days on the Hill, where they were visited by scores of Canadians and international visitors, with increased awareness of climate change, and the need to do something about it.

To date 109 MP’s, 13 Liberal Senators and scores of citizens have made the pledge or dropped by with words of encouragement, or just to hold the banners for a while. The movement has expanded across Canada and is growing with many more organizations adding their own endorsements and asking for our Government to take the following actions on climate change:

1. End fossil fuel subsidies
2. Put a price on carbon
3. Support development of a renewable energy plan for Canada

Among the major events was the Rally for the Rideau River, where Frances Deverall representing Faith communities and Climatefast gave an impassioned speech in which she stated: “Climate Change is the greatest challenge of our generation and it is our obligation to do what we can to solve it.”

For many, the most defining moment came with the release of the IPCC’s AR5 Summary to Policymakers on September 27th. The report, confirmed unequivocally that climate change is a reality which must be dealt with urgently, if we are to avoid crossing a warming threshold with catastrophic consequences. At noon Fasters marched to the residence of Stephen Harper, to deliver the news and to urge him to recall Parliament to deal with this crisis.

“When the news broke, we were there – where are the MP’s? It’s time for an emergency debate said Lyn Adamson, “You can’t prorogue climate change.”

Environment Minister, Leona Aglukkaq’s response to the report in which she claimed that “our Government is playing a leadership role in addressing climate change”, was described by Fasters as ludicrous and infuriating in light of Canada’s current emissions levels.

In a letter to the PM, read outside his residence at 24 Sussex, The Fasters asked of Mr. Harper “How can you, in good conscience, continue with the goals of building Canada’s economy based on expansion of the oil sands when there are better, safer, less expensive, and more sustainable alternatives?”

On the final day, Oct. 2, International Day of Peace, ClimateFasters will be on the Hill 9am - 6pm until the Closing Ritual at 7:00 PM, featuring Anishnawbeg Spirit Keeper Barbara Hill and Singer Judith, Rev. Frances Deverell, Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice, The ClimateFasters, Just Voices and Chris White.

Climatefast remains committed to continue until a majority of MP’s sign the pledge and invite Canadians to join them. Those still wishing to show their support or receive updates on the group’s activities can continue to visit the website at

Further information can be obtained from Frances Deverell (cell 613-884-7004) or Betty Muir (cell 613- 825-6773) or Angie Orellana-Schwalm (cell - 416 518 6192 – leave message).

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