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Canadian Women Voice Concern: Imminent Threat of War

May 5, 2014

The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace is gravely concerned about a growing threat of a war between NATO and Russia both of which are powerfully armed with nuclear weapons. We have deep concern for the Ukrainian people who are suffering and dying violently in a conflict that is being inflamed by the military posturing of other countries including Canada.

Prime Minister Harper, without consulting Canadian parliamentarians or the general public, is sending towards the borders of Russia: military personnel as observers; CF-18 planes outfitted with gun systems and capable of carrying precision guided munitions, these fighter planes supported by transport planes carrying parts and personnel with nearly 300 additional personnel slated to follow; a Canadian frigate, HMCS Regina, now moving out of the Arabian Sea to join NATO maritime forces in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace highly encourages the Canadian Government to stop these provocative war preparations and to adopt non-violent, diplomatic means, including the participation of women as mandated by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, to persuade their partners in NATO, the Ukraine and other nations to reach a non-military, peaceful and just solution to this increasingly dangerous situation.

For more information please contact:
Brigid Grant telephone # 1-506-455-6915 or email
Hannah Hadikin # 1-250-352-3609 or moblile # 1-250-551-4142 email

For more information contact:
Brigid Grant
Board of Director
Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Phone: 1-506-455-6915

Hannah Hadikin
Board of Director
Canadian Voice Women for Peace
Phone: 1-250-352-3609
Cell: 1-250-551-4142

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