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Media Advisory: Emergency Rally at TSX today - Imperial Metals Mount Polley Tailings Spill

August 7, 2014

Toronto - In response to the devastating Mount Polley Imperial Metals tailings spill in the Secwepemc Territory in BC earlier this week, Secwepemc Women Warrior Society Member Kanahus Manuel and allies are gathering at the Toronto Stock Exchange to voice opposition to this company, demand the government and Imperial Metals act fast to clean this spill and to sing songs and send prayers for our Salmon and Water and all those impacted.

This emergency rally is called by the Secwepemc Women.

“I am here for only one day and am torn about Imperial Metals tailings spill that has wreaked havoc on my homelands, since my family and Peoples have been fighting this same mine for years. We will send our war cries into the universe. Lets force the Toronto Stock Exchange to pull Imperial Metals off the TSX.”
- Kanahus Manuel, Secwepemc Women Warrior Society

The recent tailings pond breach and toxic spill disaster by Imperial Metals in the Cariboo region sent a slurry-like mixture of 10 million cubic metres of water and 4.5 million cubic metres of fine sediment into Polley Lake, Hazelton Creek and into Quesnel Lake. This has huge devastating impacts on drinking water quality and salmon runs. This is one of the most disastrous environmental events, a result of unfettered access to mining companies to unceded Indigenous lands.

The Secwepemc chiefs have also announced that Imperial Metals must shut down business within the Secwepemc Nation and has called on a moratorium on mining within their Territory, one of the biggest Indigenous Nations in BC. In a press release Grand Chief Stewart Phillip has stated “What we have now in BC and Canada, as a consequence of weak environmental review procedures and the federal omnibus bills C-38 and C-45, are repugnant and reprehensible processes of rubber-stamp approvals that shamelessly pander to industry and tragically at the great expense of environmental devastation.”

A Secwepemc land defender Janice Billy says, “Stop the destruction of Mother Earth, no more mining on our territories.”

Imperial Metals, operates the Mount Polley tailings pond. Imperial Metals has a number of other proposed projects including Ruddock Creek project which is located near Tum Tum lake in the headwaters of the Upper Adams River. The project is in the advanced stage of exploration but has not obtained the consent of Neskonlith for current or any future activities. The Secwepec territory includes the Adamas River Watershed -- home to the world’s largest sockeye salmon run and the location of Imperial’s Ruddock Creek lead and zinc project. The area is of great importance to the Neskonlith who continue to use and occupy the area for hunting, gathering, education and ceremonies. In addition to being the headwaters of the Adams River, the area is also home to threatened mountain caribou and grizzly bear populations. Imperial Metals is also planning two mining projects in Clayoquot Sound. Chitaapi (Catface Mountain) in Ahousaht territory, contains low-grade copper-molybdenum ore. Catface Mountain mine is a mountain-top removal scheme that would take place only 3 km from the village of Ahousat. Fandora, a potential gold mine, would be at the head of Tranquil Valley, on Tla-o-qui-aht territory, for which the provincial government is currently reviewing an application for exploration. They have not consulted with the Tla-o-qui-aht, who are opposed to mining in their homelands. The Tahltan Nation for northern BC is also opposed to Imperial Metals’ Red Chris mine and the Wet’suwet’in are also opposed to Imperial Metals Huckleberry Mine.

For more information contact:
Kanahus Manuel
Phone: 250-682-2744

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