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IFJ Calls on Korean Government to Reinstate Dismissed YTN and MBC Journalists

October 20, 2014

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has joined its Korean affiliate, the Journalists Association of Korea (JAK) to express its continued anger at the case of the reporters who have been dismissed from YTN and MBC - a case which has remained unresolved for many years.

The JAK has stated that it is "painful" to watch these highly respected Korean journalists suffer unfair dismissal from the organisations to which they showed so much dedication and commitment.

The IFJ strongly demands that Korea's Park Geun-hye government, which has been expressing its determination to “normalise the abnormal” and “bring national unity,” acts immediately to reinstate the sacked journalists.

The IFJ joins the JAK to advise that the dismissal of these reporters is damaging Korea’s international image, stating that the government should not wash its hands of the situation by labeling it as an issue between workers and management.

The government of a democratic state should never forget that it has a duty to guarantee press freedom and to protect the press itself.

Also, the managements of YTN and MBC should not seek to resolve the case through the courts. The presidents of the two TV networks - Bae Seok-kyu of YTN and Ahn Gwang-han of MBC, who are journalists themselves - should reinstate these dismissed reporters immediately.

The IFJ, together with the JAK, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, will never cease in its support for YTN and MBC reporters who have been dismissed for advocating press freedom and media independence at their organisations. These journalists must be returned to their posts.

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