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Lieutenant Governor to Honour Award Winners from the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada

November 7, 2014

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, 29th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, will present certificates and the medal of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada. Recipients include 15 publishers/editors, 9 journalists, 12 individuals and 3 directors of electronic media, who made significant long term contribution to the ethnic press and communities of Canada.

The ceremony will take place on Friday, November 14, 2014 in the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite at Queen’s Park.
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Lieutenant Governor’s Suite
Ontario Legislative Building
West entrance (Media I.D will be required and must arrive by 5:30)
Queen’s Park, Toronto

Directions: Filming and photos can be taken during the ceremony.

AWARD Recipients


Category: “Distinguished Services to Communities”

1. JOLLIFFE, ERIC (Humanities/Public Service/Community), Chief, York Regional Police

2. SLOLY, PETER (Public Service/Human Rights/ Equality), Deputy Chief Toronto Police

Individuals: “For Services Rendered to their Community”

3. ESANANDA, ESA PARA (Humanities/ Culture/Education) (Sri Lankan)

4. FAZL, SAYED Hassan, DR. (Humanities/ Education/ Community) (Afghani)

5. GEKAS, GEORGE Dr. (Community Service/ Education/ Arts) (Greek)

6. HAUSMAN, ROBERTO (Charles) (Humanities/Culture/Education) (Uruguay)

7. KUITENBROUWER PETER (For his services to media community and the cause of equality) (National Post)

8. MAYE, MARGARET (Humanities/ Philanthropy/Arts) (Polish)

9.- SRITHARAN, NATHAN (Humanities/ Community/ Arts) (South Asian)

10. TARUC, MARIVEL (For Her Dedication to Media. Her Services to all Canadians) (CBC- Pilipino)

11. TISSENBAUM, SIMONE (Leader of Tomorrow/ Humanities) (Student)

12. TOWHID, NOMAN (Community Service Education) (Bangladeshi)

13. VIEIRA, EDUARDO (Community Service/ Journalism) (Portuguese)

Category: Journalists

(For Life Time Services rendered to Journalism)

1. AMIR MAHIM (For his dedication to Media and His service to Community) (Iranian)

2. ESTEVES ANTONIO (For his talent and contribution to integration into Canadian Society of the Portuguese communities in Canada) (Portuguese)

3. ISLAM SARIFUL (For His dedication and talents in support of the media) (Bangladeshi)

4. KARATSIKIS, KONSTANTINOS (Life Time Achievements) (Greek)

5. KUMOR ANDREZEJ (For his enthusiasm and efforts to inform the Polish Canadian Communities ) (Polish)

6. NISHANTHA DON (For His dedication to Free Press and Democracy) (Sri Lankan)

7. SARKER BIDYUT (For his dedication to respect of Human Rights and His services to Bengali Canadian Communities.) (Bengali)

Category: Newspapers

“For Best Editorial / Free Expression / Long years of Service / Concept and Visual Presentation”

1. AFGHAN POST (Ahmad Shah Hotaki) (Afghani)

2. ARABIA NEWS (El Sayet Nasr ) (Arabic)

3. EL CENTRO (Susana Hernandez Donan)(Latino)

4. “GHANAIAN NEWS” (Emmanuel Ayiku) (Ghanaian)

5. “LATVIJA AMERIKA” (Vita, Gaike) ( Latvian)

6. “LO SPECCHIO” (Sergio Tagliavini) (Italian)

7. “OBSERVATORUL” (Dumitru Popescu) (Romanian)

8. “PHILIPPINE REPORTER” Hermie Garcia (Filipino)

9. “SRI LANKA REPORTER” (Srimal Abeyewardene) (Sri Lankan)

10. “TZTA ETHIOPIAN” (Teshome WoLdeamanuel) (Ethiopian)

11.- “URDU POST” (Syed Tausif - Editor-In-Chief) (Urdu)

12.- “UTHAYAN” (Logan Logendralingam) (Tamil)


1. ETC & TAL Magazine ISA MELO (Brazilian)

2. HAFTEH magazine SHEMIRANIE KHOSRO (Iranian)

3. PLANET AFRICA Magazine MOSES A. MAWA (African Media)


1. Enzo Di Mauro (ItalicusTV.Ca Video Magazine), (Italian)


3. Paulton McKenzie-Johnson (Caribbean Headlines News (Caribbean)

We thankfully acknowledge financial support received from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Ontario and the Toronto Dominion (TD) Banking Group, towards this project.

For more information contact:
Thomas Saras
President & CEO
National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada
Phone: 416-921-8926
Cell: 416-921-4229

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