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The Need is Still Great in Nepal

June 2, 2015

It has been over one month since the first devastating earthquake hit Nepal. A 7.8M tremor shook the nation on April 25, leveling thousands of homes, and killing hundreds of people. Not even three weeks after, an aftershock of 7.3M was recorded, increasing the death toll and destruction. The response was almost immediate - thousands of relief workers poured into to Nepal, helping clear the rubble, search for missing persons, and providing much needed medical care. But as many of the short-term relief workers are beginning to return home, the need within Nepal only grows.

Richard McGowan, Executive Director of Emmanuel International Canada (EIC) explains the dire need Nepal has for Canadian support. EIC’s affiliates have several medical staff on the ground and others waiting to be sent who report on their need for medical supplies. What they have been provided with is quickly consumed by the thousands of injured men, women and children. Every day more people require the services of medical professionals who spend their days tending to wounds, treating sickness and preventing diseases.

Not every Canadian can offer their skills and expertise to help Nepal, but luckily, not every Canadian needs to. Emmanuel International Canada is only asking for financial donations to support the rehabilitation and medical needs in Nepal. To make a donation, visit and sign your name and number to help. All donations are not only needed, but greatly appreciated as well.

For more information contact:
Caitlin Bouwma, Media Officer
Emmanuel International Canada
Phone: 905-640-2111

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