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Jeremy Hon of Richmond Green Secondary School Lives in Poverty for a Week

June 17, 2015

As of a project for his Grade 12 Economics class, Jeremy was introduced to the severe poverty that Malawi, Africa is inflicted with, and he developed a plan to help.

Paul Crowe of EICanada with Jeremy Hon (2)Jeremy went beyond the call of duty. He spent a week living in the shoes of a Malawian. He worked hard to replicate their lives, drinking as little as 800mL of water each day and limiting other uses of water such as showering and cleaning. In addition, Jeremy spent a week tending to various gardens (in correlation to the agricultural farming that supports Malawians), and rationed his intake of food. Plus, he carried a large container of water with him throughout the day, symbolizing the weight of the water and firewood that Malawians gather daily in order to sustain themselves.

What Jeremy described to be the most interesting part of this project was his quest to find items on the street that would be worthy to sell and thus generate a profit. He commented that after what seemed like hours of searching, he found one tattered baseball, which would have sold for merely $1.

Jeremy has a heart for those who are living in poverty explaining, “Poverty should not be an issue that limits people. It shouldn’t hold them back.”

Throughout the duration of his project, Jeremy collaborated with Emmanuel International Canada (EICanada), an organization who, among other services, works to provide clean water to thousands of Malawians. Nearly $200 was raised to help those impoverished in Malawi, which EICanada will use in their initiative to bring clean water to thousands of Malawians.

Caitlin Bouwma

For more information contact:
Caitlin Bouwma
Emmanuel International Canada
Phone: 9056402111

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