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Federal Election: Canadian Ethnocultural Council provides information about when, where and ways to vote

August 25, 2015

On behalf of Elections Canada, the Canadian Ethnocultural Council is doing outreach to inform voters about when, where and ways to vote.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in distributing information from Elections Canada and getting the word out in your community.

There are two important Elections Canada documents which are available in 31 heritage languages:

My Voter's Guide for Voters and Voter Identification ( a list of accepted voter ID).

These are available on the Elections Canada website:

Feel free to use them in your media. They can be downloaded, copied and circulated.

You can also get information in 110 different languages by calling the Elections Canada telephone service. Call1-800-463-6868 and ask for an interpreter.

More information, in English and French, is available from the
<> Elections Canada homepage:
<> .

Under "Spread the Word", the following
shareable resources are available for download and for sharing with your networks, on your website, through your social media channels and in your e-bulletins/e-newsletters:

<> My Voters Guide*

Plain-language primer on voting in federal elections

<> List of accepted voter ID*

The exhaustive list of options for ID accepted at the polls

<> Students - Get Ready to Vote Postcard*

A product for post-secondary students to prepare them to vote

<> Registration and ID Flyer*

A checklist with steps to help Canadians get ready to vote

<> Web Box Banners

Web banners for your website or social media channels for the federal election, registration and working at the election

<> Infographics

Voter's Checklist,

Voter ID,

Accessible Voting,

<> 4 Ways to Vote,

<> Key Federal Elections Dates,

Students: Get Ready to Vote, and

<> Voting in Six Steps


<> YouTube (English)

<> YouTube (French)

Getting Ready to Vote

Ways to Vote

What happens when I go to the polling station

<> Accessible Voting

Plain-language primer on the accessible services and products available for Canadians during the election

*Print resources (marked with asterix) be ordered for distribution through our Enquiries unit

( <mailto:1-800-463-6868/>

Elections Canada Social Media Channels

You can also follow and promote the Elections Canada social media channels to your networks.

<> ElectionsCanadaF

<> ElectionsCanadaE

<> @ElectionsCan_F

<> @ElectionsCan_E

<> ElectionsCanadaF

<> ElectionsCanadaE

Elections Canada Ebulletins

Elections Canada will be publishing e-bulletins with key election-related information (i.e. registration, identification, advance polls, election day).

You can use the content from those e-bulletins to inform your networks.
Please contact Nicole Power ( <> to be added to e-bulletin distribution list.

We appreciate your assistance in spreading the word about when, where and ways to register and vote.

If you have questions about Elections Canada shareable products feel free to contact Jasmine Demers, Senior Outreach Officer, Public Affairs,
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
Gatineau, QC Telephone (819) 939-2137:
Email: <>

Thank you in advance for sharing this important information, from Elections Canada, about the up-coming federal elections with your community.

The Canadian Ethnocultural Council

For more information contact:
Canadian Ethnocultural Council
Phone: -

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