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How to build brand awareness

May 29, 2017

Developing a BRAND is the first step to marketing yourself, product or service. But it doesn’t stop there. Who’s going to know about your brand if it doesn’t have a presence? Yes! I’m talking about building brand awareness. Simply creating a brand isn’t enough. More and more people are developing their own brands. The competition is higher than before. Your brand will need to break through the clutter to be recognized. It requires an on-going process; a commitment to yourself, your brand and the audience you're trying to engage. Let’s talk about the process.

Get Close to Your Target Audience

Know and understand them like your best friend. Do some research. Find out what your target audience values, how they communicate, what their budget is, how they live, what they desire and which obstacles are in the way of achieving what they want. Answers to these questions will help you speak the language of your audience so that your brand has relevance in their lives. Keep in mind your audience shouldn’t be everyone. Narrow them down into classifications. Then choose which ones you think your brand speaks to best. Which ones your brand will have the greatest impact on. Remember your target audience are like your best friends. You may have many friends, but only a couple best friends and these best friends are loyal.

Build a Brand Story

Everyone loves a good story. I know I do. Stories are engaging, personal and memorable. Your brand story is what people will talk about when they think or speak of your brand. With so many options of brands to choose from in one category, people now place more emphasis on consuming from businesses that are built on a foundation greater than just making a profit. A brand with a purpose. One suggestion is developing a heart-felt story as to why your brand is in business. Your customers want to trust you. Give them a reason to. A good story connects with your target audience emotionally. It’s when they care that they’ll respond.

Develop a HUB

Also known as a website. It’s the center or core which holds all the information your target audience needs to know about your brand. Your website will not only promote your services or products you offer but provide the content that will allow them to understand who you are and what your face looks like. In other words, what your brand represents. Remember, when people visit your website they are curious. This is an opportunity to fulfill their curiosity with excitement and interest. Learn SEO (search engine optimization) or hire someone who knows it so that your website appears at the top of web search results.

Be Valuable by Providing Value

You’re probably thinking “Yeah I provide value in my service or product”. But what I’m speaking about is a value that can help your target audience improve something in their life. This can be in the form of webinars, newsletters, tips, “how to” videos or even classes in your market. We live in an age where people want to learn more, do more and be more. Giving them something they can continually turn to for answers makes your brand valuable, and places it above other brands. Keep pushing out value. It’s not a one-time thing. Your customers will keep coming back because like all human beings, we require constant stimulation. At least once a week have something new for them to read, watch or download. Exceed their expectations and you’ll have customers who are both impressed and involved. Would you watch a TV series with the same plot each episode? That would be boring. No, you tune in each week because you’re looking for a change in the plot but, a plot that’s still relevant to the overall story. That’s something to think about.

Social Media! Social Media! Social Media!

With emphasis, it’s very clear that social media is a must. How many people do you know are completely disconnected from social media? Not many. Social media allows us to connect without time or location limitations. It also serves as a forum. It’s a platform where your target audience discusses their lives, what products they like and how they’ve benefitted from them. People who feel the same way are quick to respond to a post they’ve read. This is what I call gaining insights and creating brand advocacy. Your target audience is speaking for your brand, creating awareness and passing on information through word of mouth and sharing posts. The contents produced from social media are juicy. Saturated with information that will allow you to know your target audience better, and create experiences that keep them loyal. Don’t forget, be tactful on your social media pages. They are a strong representation of your brand.

In a world where everyone is trying to stand out, building brand awareness isn’t a walk in the park. But it’s very possible. Creating brand awareness is a commitment to yourself and your target audience. Don’t tell them who you are, show them. Don’t interest them once, keep them on their toes.

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