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Betty Peterson Leaves a Legacy of Peacework

February 27, 2018

It is with great sadness and immense appreciation of her contribution to peace and justice that we let you know of the peaceful passing of our mentor, inspiration and “grandmother with a hug”, 100 year-old Betty Peterson. Long-time Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace member and activist, Betty will be greatly missed. At her recent 100th birthday party in Halifax, many people who have worked with her over the years regaled the gathering with reminiscences and stories of common projects and initiatives. Her dedication to non-violence and social justice shone through in her actions in response to every issue she cared about, advocated for or protested against.

Of Betty Peterson, Michael Lightstone wrote on November 2, 2017, in Halifax’s website, The Coast: “A role model to a large number of women in Nova Scotia, Peterson is a Quaker who has steadfastly practiced what she’s preached. During her lifetime, she’s been a familiar sight at marches, sit-ins, anti-poverty protests, Indigenous rights activities and other events staged to shine a light on injustice. Those who know her are presented with a diminutive, straight-shooting woman who wears her heart on her sleeve.”

In 2016, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace presented Betty Peterson with the Muriel Duckworth Award for Peace Activism. Here is the dedication on the Award:

“For many years, you have dedicated tireless hours to many of civil society’s peace and social justice communities. As an unstoppable advocate through non-violence trainings, campaigns, workshops, lobbying, especially for disarmament and First Nations peoples’ concerns, your leadership speaks of the resourcefulness and strength you have dedicated to positive change.”

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