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China: Human Rights activist detained for six months without charge

March 31, 2018

Since September 2017, human rights activist Zhen Jianghua has been in police detention and his lawyer Ren Quanniu has been denied access to his client. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) demand the immediate release of Zhen Jianghua.

Zhen, the executive director of was detained by police and accused of inciting subversion of the state power in 2017. His lawyer has tried to visit him on multiple occasions and his access has been denied. On March 22, Ren reapplied to be granted permission to visit his client; police are yet to confirm if the application has been approved. Under Chinese law, Zhen is entitled to meet with his lawyer while in custody. is an online platform that provides tools and information about China’s Great Firewall.

The IFJ Asia Pacific Office said: “Withholding the rights of Zhen Jianghua is a violation of Chinese law, and raises questions about due process been afforded to Zhen. It is unacceptable that Zhen has been detained for over six months without charge and access to his lawyer. We demand the immediate release of Zhen Jianghua.”

The IFJ calls on Yao Yisheng, the mayor of Zhuhai to investigate the case, and order the release of Zhen immediately. We also call on Yao to disclose the evidence and reasoning for Zhen’s arrest and detention.

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