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How to avoid a Mid-life Crisis

June 10, 2009

Grand Prairie, TX "The proverbial `Mid-life Crisis′ is completely avoidable," says Tom Thoms of Thoms says a self-directed, web-based assessment called Career Direction will help people avoid a mid-life crisis. "The Career Direction assessment will identify - with 90% accuracy and 100% objectivity - the best careers for someone to pursue. Careers in which individuals are imminently-suited, based upon their personality and mental aptitude," said Thoms.

"The `mid-life crisis′ is a condition that can be greatly ameliorated, if not completely eliminated," said Thoms. "Simply put, the `mid-life crisis′ is nothing more than the manifestation of the right person in the wrong job."

"Think about it," Thoms continued, "Ask anyone to describe a `mid-life crisis′ and their first response is `job dissatisfaction.′ Interestingly, every clinical definition of a mid-life crisis includes a reference to job dissatisfaction."

Thoms cites a study that concludes matching a job candidate′s personality with those required in a specific job is critical to job performance. The study, appearing in Science Daily, titled `Personality More Important Than Job Satisfaction in Determining Job Performance′ is a research paper by Dr. Nathan Bowling, from Wright State University (Dayton, OH). Bowling′s study is based on data from thousands of employees who participated in dozens of industrial studies in hundreds of companies.

The Career Direction accuracy of ninety-percent is attained by comparing an assessment-taker′s results to the top thirty-percent of performers in over 1,200 careers. The top-performers′ personalities and mental acuities have been statistically analyzed to determine the mental aptitudes and behaviours a group has in common. This analysis results in a benchmark for a specific job. Career Direction benchmarks are continuously validated, and have been for four decades.

Career Direction is unique in that it is the only career-identification tool to use both behaviour and mental aptitudes in its standards and analyses as they apply to specific careers.

"Just think, individuals have the ability to objectively and accurately identify their `dream job.′ In addition, they can confirm the job they are currently in is where they should be. Moms and dads can be reassured their child is pursuing the best major for him or her - before the kid goes to college. Teenagers have the ability to identify their best career choices at an early age.

"Career Direction ( has the potential to eliminate the `mid-life crisis′ by identifying the best careers to pursue with a rifle shot rather than a shotgun approach," concluded Thoms.

Candidate Resources, Inc (CRI) ( developed Career Direction because of a need for educators and guidance counselors to have an accurate, efficient, and economical way to assist students and adults in career planning and career counseling.

CRI designs, and constructs, web-based applicant management systems. CRI′s online systems perform all applicant screening, tracking and data management required to comply with hiring. CRI systems, meet, or exceed, compliance guidelines, reporting and record archiving. (

For more information contact:
Tom Thoms
Phone: 937 867-4033

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