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"Canadian Foreign Policy and the Coming Elections" in FOCALPoint: Canada's Spotlight on the Americas

September 30, 2009

Canadian Foreign Policy and the Coming Elections (also in Spanish)
Carlo Dade
"This election will be a test of few things of consequence, but it may offer insights into the staying power of the current focus on the Americas as Canada′s number two foreign policy priority."

Haiti Strives to Tackle its Democratic Shortfalls
James R. Morrell
"The Rencontre Patriotique issued the clearest message that has been heard from the democratic intelligentsia since the days of the Group of 184. If coherently delivered, this message will fall on fertile ground."

The Obama Challenge: Multilateralism in the Americas
Thomas Legler and Anabel López
"Not only must the U.S. government repair the damage done to U.S.-Latin America relations during President George W. Bush′s administration but it must also do so in a way that reinforces the capacity of Latin American and Caribbean governments to assume greater collective responsibility and leadership for resolving the governance problems that plague the region."

Colombia-U.S. Military Cooperation Agreement Attracts UNASUR Attention
Freddy Osorio-Ramirez
The U.S.-Colombia Defence Cooperation Agreement "has sparked concerns about South American sovereignty and concerns about U.S. military intervention in the region. With the agreement, Washington seems to be sending mixed signals regarding its change in foreign policy toward the region."

Cuba′s Bloggers: Is Cuba Relaxing Restrictions on Freedom of Expression?
Arch Ritter
"Government tolerance of bloggers is not acceptance. The government has run interference with the bloggers. It has attempted to block the bloggers′ access to the Internet and the access of Cuban citizens to the independent blogs."

Think Tank Initiative to Boost Canada-Mexico Relationship
Olga Abizaid
"The Canada-Mexico relationship is of critical and rising importance for each country at the bilateral, North American, hemispheric and global levels. Yet, the relationship has recently come under attack from public figures in Canada. The project will be led by Mexican Senator Rosario Green Macías and the Honourable Bill Graham, who will serve as Mexican and Canadian co-Chairs, respectively."

Note from the Editor - Welcome Back, Multilateralism
Peter Moore
"From the Fifth Summit of the Americas to Cuba to Honduras to the Venezuela-Colombia dispute, a multilateral approach to reducing tensions and resolving difficulties is making some headway."

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Peter Moore
Editor / Director of Communications
Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL)
Phone: 613-562-0005 ext. 255

Carlo Dade
Executive Director
Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL)
Phone: 613-562-0005 ext. 255

Ruth Mestechkin
Assistant Editor / Project Coordinator
Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL)
Phone: 613-562-0005 ext. 237

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