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The price of one lie is the loss of many truths (TM)

March 31, 2010

Lakefield ON, Canada – Does a 4000-year-old law harm us today? You bet it does. Names coming out of that law are in our language today and are being used everyday. These names carry false information, they are lies, but few, if anyone, until now, know these names carry false information.

In 2400BCE, Manu of the Hindi subjugated one gender to the other by law. Law, by nature, influences language development. Through time this led to lies being embedded in names. We use these names everyday. This means everyone unknowingly uses lies. We don't think people use names that carry false information (lies) but they do. Lies harm, they mislead, they confuse and they even make irrationality valid. The consequences are terrorizing.

Apfig is not known to us. An apple is not a fig. But the method in apfig was harnessed to develop language about our species and its members. For example: woman, w-o added to man, is like apfig. She is not a man. To be man in reality entails only being male, it cannot be the case that man is and is not male. To say that the electron is and is not a negative charge is confusing irrational false. Names that identify the speech-using species carry false information. Lies lead to confusion and failure ... No lie is worth the price paid for it.

What is the solution? Change the names to reflect what the two beings in our species are in reality in order to name everyone correctly, putting them on a solid foundation of truths.

An Inconvenient Lie, Secrets in Language a new book by Louise Gouëffic, takes the reader through the labyrinth of lies to lead to and reveal truths withheld from people since 2400BCE. She does not believe that a species trying to build social cohesion on cleverly hidden false information and lies can succeed but a language with names carrying truths can achieve rationality.

Her mission is to reveal as many truths as possible so that people can avoid using lies while building communities and societies. Names that carry truths help people working hard to reduce confusion,anger, conflict and violence leading to wars, prostitution, pornography and crimes. Failure to reduce these evils has been the reality for thousands of years. We can change that reality.

Truths help individuals identify themselves as the honest persons whom they try to be. Truths put individuals on a more equitable partnership with others. Truths motivate individuals, encouraging them to participate more fully in their societies because truths make it easier to do so. Truths are much better tools to create with than lies. Truths lead to creativity and success ...

Reading An Inconvenient Lie is a life-changing experience.

For more information contact:
Louise GouŽffic
80 Strickland Street, Box 906, Lakefield ON CA K0L 2H0

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