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Research Shows Employers Need to Focus on Ways to Make the Generations Happy at Work

May 4, 2010

A survey done by the Conference Board of 5000 households in the US states that 22% of survey responders to do not expect to be in their current job a year from now.
This data is across generations and is true for Canada as well, the biggest threat to organizations is the potential loss of talent in the next few years.
Although there are generational attitude differences a recent study release by the Conference Board of Canada states that Zoomers (boomers who refuse to age) along with Gen X and Y have more in common than we think. All generations want meaningful work, flexibility, opportunity for a career path and compensation that matches contribution.
A newly released book, "101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work" by author, consultant and keynote speaker Cheryl Cran, CSP offers 101 solutions for employer on how they can help to make their multi-generational workplace happier.
In the book Cran provides insight on what each of the generations is looking for, how Generation Y is pushing for technological change as well as relationship changes within the workplace.
The goal is to harness the strengths of each of the generations so that organizations can be more innovative, more productive and increase their employee retention and happiness.

For more information contact:
Cheryl Cran
Synthesis at Work Inc
Phone: 604 682 3100
Cell: 604 340 4700

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Cheryl Cran, CSP - Expert on Generations and Leadership


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