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This Week’s LOTTO MAX $50 Million Jackpot Can Be A Problem for Gamblers

June 22, 2010

(Toronto, ON – June 22, 2010) With a $50 Million jackpot and another $55 million in individual prizes up for grabs this Friday, many Canadians will be choosing their lucky numbers and purchasing their “winning“ ticket in the hopes of living a life of wealth… or at least cashing in on a secure retirement plan.

The dream of ‘winning the big one’, to travel, live debt free, buy a new car or boat, pay the mortgage and children’s education is something for which many of us wish. Unfortunately, this dream can become an obsession for many who ritually play the lottery. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has reported 2 out of 3 adults in Ontario played lotteries and will play again (Bennett, 2006). Unfortunately, it is people with little discretionary income that are more vulnerable to becoming “problem and pathological gamblers in society” (Braiden, 2006). As this week’s lottery jackpot continues to climb, so do expectations and potential financial loss for many players, especially those with issues relating to problematic gambling behaviours.

“Although betting can be fun, it can occasionally take on a life of it’s own”, states Edith Townsend, a therapist in Bellwood Health Services’ Problem Gambling Treatment Program. “Problem Gambling is an addictive behaviour and has many similarities to substance dependence. Both behaviours include denial, progression, loss of control, withdrawal, lying, illegal activities, and a negative impact on life areas, among other issues for people.”

To prevent gambling problems, here are a few hints:

· Learn as much as you can about winning at your favourite games
· Always set prior limits on your losses
· Keep track of your losses
· Never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose
· Set limits on the amount of time you intend to gamble
· Gamble with a friend or group of friends
· Never gamble when you are ill, over-tired or depressed
· Do not withdraw more than your original gambling limit from your bank and credit cards
· Do not borrow money from family, friends or acquaintances to play at gambling facilities
· Seek counselling assistance as soon as you start losing more than you intended or can afford
· Learn more about winning/losing probabilities

Bellwood Health Services, an accredited Toronto-based addiction treatment facility, provides quality programs and services for the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions, problem gambling, compulsive sexual behaviour, and eating disorders.

For further information, contact Julie Bowles at 416-495-0926 or 1-800-387-6198, ext. 315.


For more information contact:
Julie Bowles
Manager, Business Development
Bellwood Health Services
Phone: 416-847-0751
Cell: 416-885-4077

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