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Elin shocked that her life with Tiger was a lie!

August 26, 2010

Honest trusting people are often easily fooled by smooth liars and Tiger Wood's now Ex-wife is no exception. In her interview with people Magazine she reveals the picture of the typical woman who falls under the scheming plot of a self serving man.
Do the charismatic seducers purposefully pick innocent trusting victims to create the image of the stable family man? Years of specific training and direct client experience as well as personal familiarity affirms to Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed., a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist in Burlington, Ontario, that this is exactly what happens.
Cheaters look for;
1. A woman with strong hopes of creating a home and family.
2. Someone who is open and honest, easy to read.
3. Often a person without a strong support network who will not see the warning signs.
4. Emotional responses that the woman expresses freely that can be manipulated with criticism and flattery.
5. Religious ideals that are against divorce.
Traits of a cheater include;
1. Inconsistent behaviour from being romantic and charming to angry and controlling.
2. Never accepts responsibility for relationship problems and often says; "If only you...." so the innocent person feels to blame.
3. Flirtatious behaviour in social situations that result in the spouse being told they are too suspicious.
4. Time away from home and work that is not explained.
5. Accusations that the spouse is cheating.
While these are not the only signs the cheater keeps the spouse on an emotional roller coaster and on the defensive. Men who marry without the intention to be faithful are far more common than most women believe. Many of these men marry to hide their homosexual identity as coming out would limit their chosen careers.
Looking into the values by which a man lives can be an important step for woman when seeking a serious life mate.

For more information contact:
Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem
Marilyn Belleghem Consulting Inc.
Phone: (905) 639 0050

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