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Navy League Applauds New Naval Vision

Ottawa, 31 May 2005 The Navy League of Canada extends its congratulations and appreciation to Vice-Admiral Bruce MacLean and his staff for the publication of 'Securing Canada's Ocean Frontiers: Charting the Course from Leadmark.'

This document, which outlines the naval vision for 2025, has addressed in principle many of the concerns expressed by the Navy League in the past few years:

  • Increased integration with other government departments, as accomplished through the Maritime Security Operations Centres
  • Increased surveillance capabilities and presence in Canadian Waters, including the Arctic.
  • The development of littoral capabilities, including support for joint operations ashore.

Securing Canada's Ocean Frontiers provides a strong vision for the future development of our Navy, within the context of the recently published Defence Policy Statement and the National Security Policy published last year.

The Navy League remains concerned about procurement and funding issues that could affect the Navy's ability to implement this plan. We will continue to work on behalf of Canadians to ensure our Navy has the tools it needs to protect us here at home and to serve our interests abroad.


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