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News Release

Drake Promotes
Canada's Mature Workforce
with Acquisition of Prime 50

For Immediate Release-

TORONTO - January 31, 2006. Drake International announced today that Prime50, the innovative provider of employment for Canadians over age 50, has become a part of the Drake group of companies.

This will add Prime50's specialized expertise to Drake's already expansive range of human resources solutions to create employment opportunities for Canada's mature workforce. Drake will take a position to strongly benefit Canadian employers faced with a looming skills shortage, said Karen Meredith, President of Drake North America.

"With Prime50, Drake's ability to link the mature workforce to organizations looking for those valuable skills and experience will be greatly enhanced," Ms. Meredith said. "As our population ages, employers face a shortage of skilled workers, while many workers want the opportunity to continue on in rewarding employment that makes use of their talents and experience."

For more than 50 years, Drake has helped businesses recruit the best people, solve productivity problems and achieve their overall workforce optimization strategy. Operating in eight countries, Drake's philosophy is based on the principle that organizations and people are at the highest level of productivity when they are working with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours, using the best processes and technologies.

"This creates a greater opportunity for us to help older Canadians and the companies looking for the track record they offer, including their work ethic and sense of loyalty," said Barry Witkin, who founded Prime50 in 2004.

The Conference Board of Canada recently noted that Canada must enlist the skills of its older workers to meet the country's impending labour needs, rather than rely solely on immigration. The Board further called for steps to end ageism in the workforce, as well as mandatory retirement laws, and for improvement in adult education and training.

Already launched in major markets across Canada, Prime50 will continue to expand its services through Drake. The Prime50 web site, www.prime50.com, provides a job board with job postings by employers, as well as an opportunity for the aged 50+ job seeker to register and post their resume. A link to Prime50's site will also be provided on Drake's website, www.drakeintl.com.

Prime50 offers a range of services, including career counseling and coaching, resume writing, image consultation, and career transition services that will benefit the career decisions and marketability of the mature workforce. Employers will be able to obtain customized HR solutions such as recruitment, contracting, payrolling and outplacement services designed for and targeted to 50+ employees.

To find out more on how this largely untapped wealth of experience can add value to your organization, you can contact Barry Witkin at +1 416 226 5090 or visit their website at www.prime50.com. A complimentary webinar entitled "A Mature Workforce: Putting Experience to Work" will be presented on Wednesday, February 22nd 2006 from 12pm-1pm EST. Register at: www.drakewebinars.com.

Contact: Tony Scala
Phone: +1 416 216 1153
Fax: +1 416 216 1109

Contact: Barry Witkin
Phone: +1 416 226 5090
Fax: +1 416 216 1109

Drake International
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