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News Release

Hospitals are Making People Sick

November 8, 2005

Hospitals are Making People Sick: Defense from Super-Resistant Superbugs

Superbugs are not cute little cape wearing avengers that appear in kids cartoons!

We are all too aware that Superbugs are not a welcome defender, but a violent enemy to modern medicine. Scientists are sounding the alarm that we have been overusing antibiotics - and that the germs have figured out
ways to become resistant to them. 60 years ago Dr. Alexander Fleming discovered a drug called penicillin, the first antibiotic, that is not able to combat these bacteria that are resistant to almost all antibiotics. These superbugs are pesky for all of us but for those with week immune systems such as the very young and the very old these superbugs can be deadly!

When an elderly family member becomes ill or in need of extended care, admitting them to a hospital or nursing home can open the door to these deadly superbugs that are lurking waiting to attack the weakest of immune
systems. As clean as a hospital or nursing homes may attempt to be, floors and bathrooms are virtual Petry dishes for these superbugs to grow and multiply. Perhaps the most worrying Superbug is a type of everyday
Staphylococcus, which is virtually resident in intensive care and surgical units, and is resistant to all but one type of antibiotic. Internationally studies have recorded increased power of this Staphylococcus bug. It is only a matter of time before doctors have nothing left with which to treat this Staph, or Superbug.

As research and development continue to search for defense strategies against these Superbugs, one company offers an option to avoid this problem all together. Qualicare is a company that provides home care for
those in need of extended health care, and assist in the care of elderly patients at home, away from the threat of further illness in hospital or nursing homes.

Qualicare offers health care management or guidance as well as hands on services and related products. Clients are assigned a Personal Care Manager who is a Registered Nurse with both medical and social experience,
enabling them to assist both physically and emotionally. The Personal Care Manager provides a range of quality health care for the elderly in the comfort of their own home.

Qualicare offers private care and care givers that can do it all, from keeping clients healthy, involved with activities and daily routines, assist with doctor's appointments, monitor their health, all at an equivalent cost to monthly nursing homes expenses.

Qualicare provides guidance, hands on services and related products, all intended to restore health, not make it worse.


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