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The sellers told me their house was near the water.
It was in the basement.

The old adage that buying a home is the most important investment you'll make during your lifetime still rings true today. And for many Canadians, the time to buy a home has never been better. The Complete Home-Buyer's Guide for Canadians, published by Self-Counsel Press, will make it easier for home buyers, especially first-time house hunters, to make this critical investment.

Recent media headlines have pronounced "Housing Most Affordable Since 2001 with Cheap Mortgages," "Investment in Homes Looking Better," "Low Interest Rates Propel House Construction," "Gen-Y Next Big Wave of Home Buyers." Not surprisingly, more and more Canadians are ready to buy their first home, or purchase their next house or condominium.

Author Geraldine Santiago says, "This is a great time for people to buy their first home. Relatively low interest rates have kept the costs of home ownership at near historic lows."

But for the first-time home buyer, the process can be intimidating and worrisome. The Complete Home-Buyer's Guide for Canadians is written by an experienced real estate agent who specializes in working with first-time home buyers. The book is written in a step-by-step manner, guiding the home buyer from obtaining financing to the final paperwork. It includes information on:

- 30 -

The buying process
o Arranging for financing
o Home-owner grants
o Tax exemptions
o The inspection
o The final paperwork

About the author
Geraldine Santiago is a licensed realtor who specializes in first-time home buyers. She conducts regular seminars on buying a home and she hosts her own home-buying information Web site.

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E-mail: rkettyls@self-counsel.com

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