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News Release

Canadian Women Are Taking Time Out to Heal - Mind, Body & Spirit

August 31, 2006

TORONTO - Every woman needs to take time out to rejuvenate and pamper herself - this was the vision of Diane Di Donato when creating 'Thee Spa for the Soul.' She has created a network of women who now get together to empower the heart for extraordinary living through all three levels of being - mind, body and spirit.

We all gain strength through our bonds with others. Whether we have something to offer or we are seeking assistance ourselves, it is the people we draw into our lives who transform our ideas and desires into success and service.

Thee Spa for the Soul is about pampering the body with moments of reflection and meditation. It is about inspiring the heart with speakers who have witnessed their own manifestation of self love and empowerment. It is about nurturing the spirit with elevated moments of joy and collective positivism. Every time you visit one of Thee Spa for the Souls' events, Diane and her team will ensure that your visit with them brings more than a sense of equilibrium into your life.

Thee Spa for the Soul delivers events of such high standard, that they are attracting women from all walks of life. As this exciting organization goes from strength to strength, you will have the opportunity to attend a growing number of Thee Spa for the Soul group events.

Diane Di Donato says, 'We have created a community of women that offers encouragement, friendship, networking opportunities and spiritual renewal. It is about Women helping Women. Call it 'the golf course for entrepreneurial woman!' The events occur on the first Saturday of each month and feature a sumptuous breakfast and a wonderful range of inspiring, motivating and often life-changing speakers.

What could be more important than your health & well-being? At our next event on Saturday, September 9th at Le Jardin 8440 Hwy #27 at 9:30 a.m., our special guest will be North America's Kriyayoga Scientist, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, who is currently on his 10th North American tour which began on March 30th. A Master of the ancient spiritual science of Kriyayoga, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam, traverses all boundaries of race, sectarian religion, creed, colour and nationalities to spread the message of Divine Love and Unity - India's greatest gifts to the world.

Kriyayoga is well-known throughout the world, made popular by Guruji founder of Self-Realization Fellowship, who spent over thirty years spreading the science in the West. It is an ever-new practical and ancient science that is most relevant for all times - to promote true peace and harmony to humanity. Through the simplest scientific method of seeking God each moment, during all activities, one is able to solve all types of problems in life - mental, physical, social, family, national and international and live a life free of tension and worry. Its practitioners are relieved of all illness without taking any form of medication, herbs or nutritive foods.

To register for this upcoming event, contact Diane Di Donato at diane@soulrevival.ca NOW. This is your moment! Take it - with reigns of conviction - and thus affirm that you truly are the most important person in your life. With an abundance of spirit and joy, take a few hours out of your life on Saturday, September 9th, and come to Le Jardin to experience Thee Spa for the Soul - YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!


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