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Discover a multitude of new relationship possibilities
by experiencing the wonders of male chastity


Remember when you were first dating and all his attention was on you? He couldn't seem to cuddle you enough, caress you enough and the whole time making it seem like sex was the last thing on his mind. He was so romantic! Silly girl, that was the most important thing on his mind! He could hardly wait to score. The male ego is to go along with any part of the program to get the final results..satisfying him sexually!!

The next step is to find satisfaction in all different types of sexual activities. The more the woman is willing to participate in his fantasy world, the happier he is. Women tend to want to Keep Her Man Happy and often crave for his acknowledgement of sexual satisfaction. This gives her the feeling of security. False security is normally the case!

Women, how long did it take you to see your man change? Was it weeks, months or were you fortunate enough to not see it for a year? Once the daily routine starts, was he not as cuddly, caring, or romantic? Did he seem to start focusing more on his job, friends and hobbies more? The age old complaint is that He Doesn't Talk To Me Anymore. Did this leave you with a feeling of loneliness? This is usually where the woman starts having self-doubt. Am I not as attractive? Am I gaining weight? Hello...have you even thought for one moment that you haven't necessarily changed. Quit feeling guilty. If women could get paid a salary for guilt, there would be a lot of very wealthy women!

Women, are you really aware of how much the man masturbates? Whether the couple admits it or not both are doing it while waiting for the other to fulfill them sexually. That little thing called testosterone makes it where he can't seem to help himself, or shall we say, He does help himself! Often, you are not the one to blame. Conquering something or someone is just in his nature. Once he has accomplished the task of conquering he sometimes loses interest (and not necessarily love) and is on the alert for a new challenge. In the meantime, he finds it very satisfying to go into a fantasy world and take care of his own needs. Have you every wondered why some times he can shower in three minutes and other times it takes ten to fifteen minutes:..I don't think he is shaving his legs.

When communication ceases between a couple this can only lead to trouble. She craves the one on one attention and is a perfect candidate for a smooth talking companion. Someone that can again tell her how special she is, how beautiful and above all desirable. She doesn't necessarily find this man more attractive than her current partner- - - just more fulfilling of her feminine needs! After all, he doesn't ignore her, always has time to chat, does all the special little things that her current partner use to in the beginning of their relationship. Wake Up!! If you choose to end the current relationship for the new one, the vicious cycle would again raise its ugly little head and you can start this whole process again.

Now you can
Control your mans orgasms. This is an extremely powerful and effective relationship device. Become his fantasy once again. He will think you are the sexiest thing in this world. Wearing the chastity device can be extremely erotic. You know the couple has to think of each other constantly since he is wearing the device and she is holding the key...things will never be the same...they will be much better! After he has been in it for a short period of time, he will again start kissing, caressing, and basically be completely turned on by you. He will worship the ground you walk on. Men love power and knowing you have exchanged this power will bring him to his knees.


The first thing this would accomplish is to take away his ability to take matter into his own hands through masturbation. He can no longer touch his penis.

His outlook on your relationship will take on a whole new meaning...you will again become his focus!

He can go to his favorite pub for a brew with the boys and still have everything intact the same as when he left.

Fear of sex with someone else will no longer even be a concern.

Communication will open up and you find yourself sharing in his everyday life.

His home will be on the top of his priority list. You will find him helping with the chores.

You want a massage or foot rub it is yours!

Does he need to go away on a business trip? Kiss him goodbye at the airport knowing that he is locked up safe and secure and wish him a fun, successful trip. The Curve can be worn while flying since it is completely made of plastic and he won't find himself undressing at the Security Gate to explain what is in his pants!

Kiss him passionately, tease him, deny his sexual pleasure as long as possible. The results of this denial will be extraordinary.

The bedroom will become your playground. Become like teenagers again exploring each others sexual pleasures.

Put the flame back into your relationship with little surprises; i.e., special lingerie, candle light bubble baths, nude dinners...use your imagination!

You are as Unique as your relationship...

Discover a Multitude of New, Relationship Possibilities by experiencing the wonders of Male Chastity!!!

Visit www.chastitydesires.com

Products available include [warning: explicit photos] CB-2000, Curve male chastity device, CB-3000, CB-6000, Points on Intrigue, Aneros, Casting Willy.

Our toll free phone line, 877-834-6040, is available for those with questions concerning products, checking on orders that have been placed, or for placing orders with one of the following credit cards, American Express, Visa, Master Card, or Discover.

E-mail: ChastityDesires2@aol.com for pricing.

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