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December 2005

Trees for Life: Planting Peace in Palestine

Planting 15,000 olive trees in Palestine by early 2006

Zatoun is pleased to announce the "Trees for Life" project. Yes - it is possible - an amazing 15,000 new olive trees in Palestine in early 2006.

Zatoun AND YOU are now able to "plant peace in Palestine" and help build for the future, not just help farmers today.

In the works for almost a year, Zatoun has created its own program "Trees for Life" with the help of our primary partner, Palestine Fair Trade Association. The program has set an ambitious goal to plant 15,000 trees in 375 farms distributed over 25 agricultural areas across Palestine. Farmers are selected according to damage suffered. Zatoun in Canada will contribute over $7,500 CDN to the program just from the sale of Zatoun olive oil. The program is being rolled out to Fair Trade olive oil initiatives in Europe. Please follow the link for a more complete description of the program.

There are 2 ways you can contribute directly to the program:

  1. buy Zatoun and $1.00 from each bottle goes directly to "Trees for Life"
  2. make a direct contribution and the entire amount benefits "Trees for Life"

Or do BOTH. Zatoun does what it can through olive oil sales but direct contributions are much needed.

Zatoun will send out formal receipts to acknowledge direct contributions/donations. We at Zatoun are grateful for your incredible support and hope with your help to keep bringing hope to the farmers of Palestine AND to ourselves. We, as donors and buyers, need help.

Please visit our site to place your order for Zatoun olive oil. We apologize that we have been sold out of olive oil soap practically from the beginning - it was a small test and "Zatoun is enthusiasm for and goodwill towards Palestine in a bottle."

For more information: www.zatoun.com
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