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Award Winning World Wide Web Site

The Sources World Wide Web site -- -- was recently selected by Sympatico NetLife magazine as a Top Site in the Reference category. SOURCES SELECT Online was awarded four stars of a possible five. Four stars represents "a site of outstanding merit."

Sympatico NetLife described SOURCES SELECT® Online as a "definite bookmark for professional writers and researchers, and anyone wanting to get informed about political, social or environmental issues in Canada."

This is not the first time SOURCES SELECT® Online has received recognition. Jim Carroll, co-author of the Canadian Internet Handbook, awarded his much coveted praise: "I just thought I'd make a comment on the Sources Web site -- congrats! I see a lot of Web sites come and go, and everyone is trying to grab my attention, but I came across your site after reading about it in Sources. You've done a nice job -- it's clean, crisp, well laid out -but not only that, you've got a damned simple, easy to understand method of allowing one to search the Sources directory. Keep up the good work!"


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